How food flags can keep your business organised this year

Food flags are something you’ll commonly find in most restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. 

Not only are they used as an accessory to make food look more interesting and appetising, but they can also be used as a tool to keep your business organised this year.

If you want to find out how… keep on reading!

Printed food flag with custom logo


1. Organise your food by dietary requirements

As more and more people turn vegan, cut out dairy from their diet, or adopt a gluten-free lifestyle, it’s become even more important to clearly label all your food based on different dietary requirements.

You can use your food flags to show which products you sell are vegan/vegetarian, milk free, or gluten-free so that you can make sure you’re always serving your customers the correct products.

2. Make it easy for customers to see food on display

Whether you’re running a food truck or a busy cafe, you can’t spend your time telling your customers what each individual product is so, using food flags can make it easier for customers to see what’s available.

Use your flags to briefly explain what each product is, what ingredients are included, or just how much it costs.

3. Serving food based on spice level or sauce

If you’re serving the same dish that can be customised, for example, chicken that comes in a variety of different spice levels and sauces, it can often be hard to tell two different variations apart.

Using food flags, you can identify which order is which so you never have to worry about serving your customers the wrong plate of food for them.

4. Keep sweet treats in order

When you’ve got a daily delivery of sweet treats coming into your store, it can be hard to keep them all organised in their individual boxes.

However, all you need is a couple of food flags and you will clearly be able to see what each item is, when their expiry date is, and when you received them into your shop.

5. Don’t forget about getting your social media marketing plan organised!

Finally, social media is an important part of any food business and, if you want to organise your marketing plan this year, make sure to include your food flags.

Customised printed burger flags are a great way to get your logo into every picture your customers post online, so don’t forget them!