How do I make more profit with my takeaway business?

When you first have the idea of starting up your own takeaway business, there are so many things that you may have never thought you needed to consider.

You quickly learn that there’s a whole lot more that goes into a successful takeaway than just serving delicious food.

If you want to be profitable, you need to be equally as successful in all areas of your business – from the actual cooking, as well as marketing, accounting, operations, etc.

To ensure your takeaway is a success, here are four top tips that you should consider.

  • Take your pricing seriously
  • If you want to make a profit on the food you’re making, your pricing will play a very big part in whether this will happen or not.

    Coming up with your pricing should involve a lot more than just how much you think your dishes are worth. You need to think about the cost of your ingredients, staff, equipment, electricity, etc.

    The goal is to come up with a price that covers all your costs and gives you some profit on top of that. Then, the higher you price your dishes, the more profit you get.

  • Find the most effective way to promote your business
  • It’s no good having an amazing food business if no one even knows that you exist, this is why promoting your business should be one of your first priorities.

    There are plenty of tools that you can use, depending on the customers you are trying to target. From creating a presence on social media to taking out an advert in the local paper, getting the word out about your new business is extremely important.

    Once people know about your brand, the word will spread and you should see more and more customers visiting your business. This means more sales and, most importantly, more profit.

  • Choose the right suppliers
  • Running a food business, you will be relying on a range of suppliers to provide you with ingredients, packaging, equipment, etc. 

    If you choose the wrong suppliers who give you low-quality products or who aren’t very reliable, it could create big financial problems for your business.

    At Pack Genie, we’re a trusted supplier who you can count on for top-quality packaging.

  • Build your brand
  • Our final tip is to focus on building your brand. If you’re able to be consistent and build a trustworthy brand, the more customers and profits you’ll be able to enjoy.

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