How a small food flag can make a big difference to your dining experience

When you’re running a food business, the smallest touches can make a big difference.


Satisfying your customers with the right marketing, eye-catching branding and delicious food can be the difference between them being a repeat customer, or never ordering from you again.


One easy way that you can seriously impress your customers and make their dining experience far more enjoyable is by using small food flags.


Food flags are a great way to advertise your food or to display important information your customers might want to know.


Here are some of the best uses of small food flags that any food business can incorporate.


Display allergen information


Want to make customers aware of your products that contain flour, milk or eggs? You can easily let customers know which allergens your food contains by using food flags.


Highlight vegan/vegetarian products


Make it easier for your customer to see what’s vegan or vegetarian by sticking a green ‘veggie’ flag on your food. This makes it easier to pick out their items or figure out which is there’s when ordering a takeaway.


It’s a great option if you’re running a to-go stall, or a small shop, where you have a rotating menu of products and you don’t want to cause customers the hassle of constantly asking which items fit their dietary requirements.


A chance to be consistent with your branding


Food flags don’t just have to be used as a way to display important information, they can also be a chance to get creative and convey your brand image.


Use fun colours, logos, or funny phrases to add to your branding and form a closer connection with your customers.


Promote new products


Finally, you could use your food flags to promote new product launches or to advertise new promotions.


If you don’t normally see your customers, for example, if you run a takeaway-only business, you may not always get a chance to let them know about what’s going on.


You also can’t always count on them reading a leaflet or poster – but a flag on their food is pretty hard to ignore!


At PackGenie, we offer food-safe flags that are all manufactured in the UK and highly sustainable. It’s up to you to decide how you want it to be designed, so it’s time to start getting creative! Checkout our printed food flag range here


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