Greaseproof Paper Branding: How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Restaurant

Having a regular flow of customers in your restaurant is naturally fantastic news for your business plans.

Now, what if we were to tell you there was an affordable marketing tool that could turn those people who pop in for the first time into regular restaurant visitors?

While it can be easy to think of having plenty of customers in seats and enjoying their food as a success in itself, it’s also important to see the bigger picture of what this means for your customer retention strategy.

Our guide below shows you how you can use custom branded greaseproof paper to keep your brand at front of mind of those dining.

More than food packaging

Greaseproof paper is typically seen as wrapping that can hold food above wooden serving boards or to keep the likes of burger ingredients from dropping all over the table - essentially, there are many practical reasons why its good to use it when diners are eating.

However, once you see beyond their useful purpose, they can also become a great way to put your logo and brand messaging right in front of the eyes of a captive audience.

You see the blank greaseproof paper propping up the skinny fries elegantly presented in a mini basket? With the right added branding, this can become a way to market your offering.

How to keep customers coming back with custom printing

Branded greaseproof paper that aligns with everything from your restaurant décor to your website tone of voice, imagery and colour scheme will speak to customers in a way that conveys you have a high attention to detail.

An attractive logo is an important part of developing a strong restaurant identity, which can be placed alongside key brand phrases when covering each part of the greaseproof paper so that its always visible.

Other ways of increasing customer attention with custom paper printing include:

  • Include seasonal promotions such as discount information
  • Ensure any takeaway food retains branded greaseproof packaging so as to spread the word
  • Grab attention and point diners to your website, social pages or simply a catchy slogan that summarises what your brand stands for
  • Enhances brand association – which is key for building customer loyalty and is a consistent theme among the world’s biggest brand names

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