Greaseproof paper and what it's good for

Greaseproof paper has quickly become our best selling product on the Packgenie site. With a variety of sizes available we can guarantee we have a sheet suitable for you. 

Greaseproof paper is the most versatile product we sell and the best part is it’s completely customisable with no design limitations. Colour and design possibilities are endless with greaseproof food wrap and it’s a great way to to switch from plain to printed packaging on a budget and make a huge impact on the branding of your business. Whether you are wrapping burgers or soap greaseproof has many uses. 

Here are some great ways to use greaseproof paper…

As a Bed - trays & displays 

Plates, trays, baskets and sleeves can all be lined with a sheet of greaseproof paper. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a sheet under your product. Greaseproof can also be a great way to add some branding to your display. That may be in a cafe and be used to showcase the sweet treats and cakes you have on the counter or to lay your beautiful bars of handmade soap in the boutique you may own. To top off this great hack it also help with keeping everything clean!

Greaseproof liner on plate lining bao buns and chips Asian food greaseproof paper


As a Bed -Pizza box liners 

Greaseproof paper is a great way to brand your pizza business. We know that making the jump to fully branded pizza boxes can be daunting and a big investment. Adding a pizza box liner to your pizza box is a great way to remind your customer who that mouthwatering slice was made by. 

Available in all your favourite Pizza sizes 



Wrap it up - takeaway food 

Use your chosen sheet to wrap your takeaway meals, including burgers, sandwiches, wraps. If you haven’t tried greaseproof paper yet, but want to use it to secure your delicious goods then get in touch with our sales team today so advise the best size for you and your food.

For a burger we suggest a 335x335mm greaseproof wrap SHOP HERE. 

Wrap it up - sweet treats 

Wrapping isn’t just for savoury dishes, you can also use greaseproof paper wrap to wrap cakes and muffins and even individually wrap chocolates and mochi bites! If you happen to be a pro at origami you can print flavours and dietary requirements on your greaseproof and wrap it perfectly for the text to sit on the top! This way it’s like having a sticker without having to actually invest in stickers. 

The smallest sheet size we provide pre cut is 100x100mm SHOP HERE 

individually wrapped ice cream bites in greaseproof sheet 100x100mm greaseproof sheets