Getting Back to Basics: Simple & Effective Packaging

Have you noticed that food packaging is becoming more and more complicated? 

Once upon a time, a pizza would come in a classic pizza box, with a separate little box for sides such as garlic bread and potato wedges. Today, everything’s coming packed up together in double drawer boxes and stackable takeaway packages. 

Fun to look at? Sure. Weird and wonderful? Absolutely. 

But do we really need all the fuss?


Do Customers Want Complicated?

The problem is that many packaging companies have become so focused on asking if they could, that they didn’t bother asking if they should. Because while these ideas are certainly innovative, they’re not always appealing to customers. 

Customers are increasingly seeking simplicity. They’re not looking for bells and whistles. In fact, MarketingWeek reports that ‘brands with a simple proposition stand to prosper’, with the majority of customers now seeking simple brand experiences. 

It’s time to get back to basics. That doesn’t mean we need to go as far back as wrapping food in pages of old newspaper, but it does mean we need to bring back some of the classics: some good old food safe printed greaseproof paper and custom printed stickers. 


Simple & Effective Packaging

To avoid getting caught up in all the excitement, we need to pause for a moment, and think about the core essential requirements that takeaway customers have. 

A recent study found that ‘help carrying foods’, ‘not easily damaged’, ‘easy to open’ and ‘easy to close’ are amongst some of the biggest criteria today’s customers have. From that, we can create a list of essential packaging functions:

1. Convenience

2. Portability

3. Safety/Protection

4. Sustainability*

* While sustainability was not identified by the research, it’s clear that customers are increasingly seeking sustainable packaging that can be widely recycled after use. 

Simple and effective wins. And what’s simpler and more effective than greaseproof paper, safely secured with a strong sticker? Suitable for a wide range of applications, from wrapping burgers and sandwiches to lining pizza boxes and takeout trays, sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that are the best solutions. 

Simple… Not Boring


There’s a big misconception in the packaging industry today that simple means boring. But the truth is that, when you approach simplicity from the right angle, it’s anything but plain. Greaseproof paper and stickers can be customised with images and other branding elements, helping to turn classic packaging into eye-catching and contemporary solutions that attract customers and give them what they need. 


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