Four tips for choosing your personalised tissue paper and sticker combo

If you’ve been looking to up your packaging game and make your products stand out from the crowd, then you might have already been on the search for new ways to enhance your offerings.

Read on to find out what you need to think about when looking to revamp your product packaging, no matter your industry or business size.


Size matters

Size really does matter when it comes to personalised tissue paper. Too much and your business might be perceived as being wasteful, too little and your products might not get the protection they need to arrive in perfect condition. Both of these fails could compromise your relationships with your customers and end up costing you business as a result.

PackGenie offers two personalised tissue paper sizes and we can provide free samples to ensure you order the right size for your business needs.


Free artwork

Many tissue paper providers might seem to offer a great price, but if you really want to get your brand noticed with a truly bespoke packaging item, you’ll need to factor in the artwork costs too!

We have a free professional artwork service as well as a plethora of colours to help your packaging pack a punch. What’s more, all you need to budget for is the materials as we’ll take care of your artwork free of charge.



Not all tissue paper packaging is created equal, so beware of cheap alternatives that offer very little in the way of eco-credentials and sustainability.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious they expect their favourite brands to follow suit. It is absolutely vital to ask if your chosen materials are sustainably sourced before you part with your hard-earned cash.

PackGenie personalised tissue paper is made with FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) certified paper and printed with soy-based inks making it high quality and biodegradable, boosting your eco credentials and showing the world that you’re committed to protecting our planet.

The finishing touches

To give your product packaging that perfect finishing touch, we can also supply eco-friendly branded stickers in a variety of shapes and colours to make wrapping those orders a breeze!

An ideal way to pack and wrap products and seal invoice envelopes, these biodegradable stickers really are the cherry on top when it comes to environmentally friendly, high-end packaging and are sure to delight your customers.

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