What food packaging for street food?

Choosing the right food packaging for your street food stall isn’t easy, keep reading for some tips and product recommendations.

Maybe you already have a street food stall, and you want to improve your takeaway food packaging or your staring from fresh? A one size fits all food tray or box might be the answer to keep costs down.

What ever your food packaging needs, we have the answer….

 #1 Cardboard food trays

Open topped kraft food trays perfect for eating on the move and come in different sizes: Small, Medium & large. The kraft finish gives a natural look perfect to compliment hot or cold food. Colour options are available, such as black. The food trays are sturdy, leak proof and have options for coatings for extra wet foods. Options for no coating, PE (100% Recyclable) and PLA (100% Compostable) linings are available. This will help your business reduce waste and divert it from landfill.

paper food containersAnd don’t forget your food trays double up as stands for displaying your products! 

cardboard tray

#2 Food Paper Boxes / Cardboard Food Boxes

Somewhere between a nested tray and a box; perfect for those who are looking for a solution with a sealable lid. These paper food containers can be stored nested into each other so they take up minimal space. The lids are easy to close so you can keep serving quickly. These cardboard containers for food are ideal for burgers, fries and fish & chips, jacket potatoes, paella, curry and much more. They are also suitable for cold food like salad and rice. Made from sustainable board with coating options: PE (100% Recyclable) and PLA (100% Compostable) linings making them great for the environment.

paper food containers

Bagasse food carton boxes are also perfectly suited to takeaway and fast food outlets serving hot or cold food. Made from sugarcane that doesn’t sweat leaving your food looking and tasting great for longer. They are 100% natural and biodegradable packaging, so great options for the environment. They provide good thermal qualities to ensure the food holds its heat. Suitable for microwave and oven use and can also be freezed.

bagasse food box

#3 Catering Disposables

It goes without saying, but if your customers are having sugar or are putting other additives into their drinks, they need something to stir with. There is nothing worse than a tea with the sugar still at the bottom of the cup! Our birch wood stirrers are ideal for stirring coffee and tea for the best brew. They're a great price, won’t affect the taste of the tea like some plastic and are strong. It’s also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Material from sustainable managed forests and 100% certified birch wood.

food packaging supplies

The ultimate for sticky fingers! Unbleached paper napkins are a must for people eating on the move. They look natural and not only they are also 100% recyclable! Keep it simple, just order 1 size.

paper napkins recycled

Paper straws: made from rigid material and suitable for all types of drinks. Perfect for smoothies, soft drinks, and the environment. Our Compostable Paper Straws, reduce plastic waste, and are available in a variety of colours. A essential if your serving cold drinks.

paper straws

#4 Wood Cutlery

If your customers are going to need cutlery to eat your food with then birch wood cutlery is the only solution for you. They are tried and tested, stylish, very affordable, eco-friendly cutlery choice for your next picnic, office or dinner party, special event, wedding, or in your cafe or restaurant!. They come in knife, fork, table spoon, tea spoon and fish and chip fork options. They are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 


packing food

 #5 Sauce Portion Pots & Lids

If you have a variety of tasty dips like ketchup, salsa, cheese or coleslaw then your going to need some sauce portion pots with lids if your customers are going back to the office or home. These pots are ideal for a multitude of purposes, including servings of sauces and dressings. They are made from PLA which comes from cornstarch; a natural, sustainable and renewable resource. They are clear so you can show off the content and come in a number of different sizes with clip on lids that are easy to fit and hold tight!

catering packaging

 #6 Greaseproof Sheets

An essential for any street food stalls. Designed to be tough and durable. Whether you wrapping burgers, chips or lining a food box for fish and chips, it’s a cost effect simple solution. Ideal for any fast food restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, café, pub and many more!

PackGenie now offers competitively priced high quality custom printed greaseproof paper in two types: a kraft 40gsm Natural greaseproof paper and a white 38gsm Natural greaseproof paper. They are both biodegradable and compostable parchment paper. Non toxic vegetable inks, Freezer proof, oven proof and microwave proof! Perfect for restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, take-away outlets and the catering industry.

personalised greaseproof paper


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