Essential coffee shop catering supplies

We understand how hard it can be to find good advice when running and starting your own coffee shop. There are many things to consider from location, the products you are going to sell to how you get customers through the door. We are just as passionate about food packaging as you are about your business. If takeaway is going to play a role in your business then you need to consider packaging solutions to deliver this. This is one area we can make life a little easier for you by suggesting packaging essentials for any aspiring coffee shop, café or tea room. Hopefully we can give you some useful tips along the way!

#1 Disposable Coffee Cups

The disposable cup is at the top of the list, without these your hot drinks aren’t leaving your shop. I’m sure you’ve put blood sweat and tears into your store, to get it looking just right, then you need to consider the aesthetics of your cups. You wouldn’t put great coffee in a cheap cup. Brown Kraft gives a natural premium look. We suggest keeping it simple and buying Double Walled disposable coffee cups and lids. This way the double layer insulates the cup so there is no need for an extra sleeve. It works out cheaper this way, plus it’s not too hot to handle. Our disposable coffee cups and lids come in PE lining (100% Recyclable) or PLA (100% Compostable) made from corn starch. 

disposable paper cup

What are the right size cups?

Espresso goes really nice with 4oz cups

We think that a great cappuccino cup is 8oz

Caffe latte, caffe mocha and hot chocolate go nicely in a slightly taller cup and maybe a little bigger than the 8oz cappuccino cup, 12oz cups and 16oz cups are great for these.

Custom Branded Coffee Cups:

If you want to spread the word about your coffee shop further then printed paper cups are your best option; they are cost effective, actually only costing a fraction more for your own print. There is no better way to get your brand moving around town and customers through the door.  You can even link promotions and offer to the cup print, building loyalty, repeat business and growth. See more about our branded coffee cups here.

cup print

#2 Lids For Paper Cups

The disposable coffee cup lid is a must with every cardboard coffee cup. They come in different sizes. So when purchasing make sure you have the correct size for that cup. PackGenie always gives the option to add the correct coffee cup lids when purchasing the cups, making purchasing from us as simple as possible. They are available in 60mm (fits 4oz paper cups), 80mm (fits 8oz paper cups) and 90mm (fits 12oz + 16oz paper cups). Options are available for black and white paper coffee cup lids, they are 100% recyclable and are of the highest quality. We also have options for PLA compostable coffee cup lids to fit 8oz cups and 12oz & 16oz cups.

disposable paper cup

#3 Food Bags

If your going to be serving food then bags will hold a majority of your food products. They come in essentially two main types: 1) pinch bottom food bags; these are the most simple type which you can put sandwiches, cakes, rolls and more into. 2) SOS block bottom bags that can be used to hold more than one item to carry out: Paper bag with handle. Both types of bag are easy to use and come in brown or white kraft. Our suggestion is to go with brown kraft paper bags as it give a more authentic artisan feel. Use this to your advantage as the larger brands find it hard to recreate this authenticity. A simple printed paper bag can be printed in full colour or you can have the paper bag printed with a simple logo on. This way we can produce short runs and fast delivery! Find out more about are paper bag printing here. 

#4 Cup Carriers

When you have busy spells, speed is top priority! Cup carriers are an ideal way to get takeout coffee moving out the door quickly and safely. We suggest pulp trays that are amazing value for money. They stacked nice a compact to save on storage space. They are safe and secure to carry and are environmentally friendly.

cup carrier pulp tray

#5 Greaseproof Paper

This is the most cost effective solution to wrapping your products. Motivate staff and be creative with the way you wrap and display your tasty food in parchment paper. This can really showcase your food and make them irresistible and a talking point. Think about the portability and ease of getting into the packaging eating on the move. They are environmentally friendly packaging and come in brown and white. Parchment paper printing is a cost effective starting point to custom printing. It gets your brand out there with very minimal cost, low print runs, usually delivered within 7-10 working days! Check out all of our printed greaseproof paper options here.

#3 Disposable Cutlery / Paper Napkins

It goes without saying, but if your customers are having sugar or are putting other additives into their drinks, they need something to stir with. Our birch wood stirrers are ideal for stirring coffee and tea for the best brew. They are a great price, won’t affect the taste of the tea like some plastic and are strong.  It’s also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. FSC® 100% certified birch wood

wood stirrers

The ultimate must have for sticky fingers! Unbleached paper napkins are a must for people eating on the move or even in. They look natural and not only that  they are also 100% recyclable! Keep it simple, just order 1 size.

Paper napkins

Running a coffee shop is fun, hard work and rewarding. Make sure you plan your packaging for success.

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