Do You Really Need to Brand Your Fish and Chip Boxes?

Ah, fish and chips. The UK’s most treasured food creation remains a quintessential part of summer days out on the beach at our wide range of picturesque coastal spots and family-friendly seaside resorts.

Whether you’re a traditional fish and chip shop on the seafront, or a pop-up vendor moving around the country with your own take on the nation’s favourite cuisine, you may be wondering whether or not to add your own branding to fish and chip packaging.

Why should I brand my fish and chip boxes?

This answer is fairly straightforward when you consider the typical locations where people would enjoy their fish and chips. 

Because fish and chips are light enough to carry around, many will wander through towns, villages and along beachfronts with their meal in hand. Even if they stop at a picnic bench to savour their fish and chips, the fact is that they are always in view of others.

Having your branding imprinted on the packaging can ensure news travels fast about where is the place to go in the area for the perfect fish and chips.

A timeless staple for the modern age

While fish and chips remain as popular as ever, serving them to customers on old newspaper rolls no longer suffices. High-quality and attractive packaging is what draws in the customer of today.

Having branded fish and chip boxes at events such as weddings and birthdays can also help bring in a significant amount of additional business, especially as food is guaranteed to be a major talking point.

Comfort food is becoming increasingly popular at summer garden parties in particular, so what better way to make a lasting impression than by branding every piece of cod you serve.

Where should I start when wanting to personalise my own boxes?

Our personalised fish & chip boxes are a great way to ensure people remember where they got their fish and chips from, particularly when there are a lot of competing food sellers in the area.

Available in three different sizes, stand out from the crowd by custom printing your branding or logo on a professional looking box design. See our custom printed fish and chip box range here

Our expert design team will work with you to create the best design possible that reflects what your fish and chip shop stands for, with setting up your artwork completely free of charge!

Don't forget to have a look at our custom printed fish and chip forks that will be sure to finish off your look.

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