Do printed coffee cups help sell more coffee?

Looking to stay one step ahead of your coffee shop competition? If you know that your caffeine-filled offerings are a cut above the rest, you might be wondering if investing in printed coffee cups is a good way to go to help compliment the work of your brilliant baristas.

We’ll let you into a little secret – the answer is a resounding yes! Read on to discover why our Pack Genie branded coffee cups can have a positive impact on your bottom line and how easy it is to develop a design that will attract the attention of coffee lovers in your area.


Branding sells

One of the cornerstones of effective marketing, branding (or more specifically, brand recognition) sells products and services.

If you’ve already started to build up a solid reputation for great quality coffees, then starting to promote your brand via your coffee cups serves as a powerful visual reminded of your offerings and can help increase sales quite quickly, meaning that you’ll soon see a return on your investment.


The eco-friendly trend

The savviest coffee shop owners not only use their printed coffee cups to amplify their brand, but they also utilise the available space to boast about any eco-friendly credentials they have.

As consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, the ability to showcase your commitment to our natural world by choosing printed coffee cups made using fully recyclable and eco-friendly compostable cups from natural materials and FSC approved forests is a great way of keeping customers happy … and that means selling more coffee!


Sizes to suit all drink types

Not only do printed coffee cups give you the chance to shout about your eco-credentials and create a tangible brand asset, but they also come in a variety of types and sizes. This makes it easy to diversify your menu and increase your average order value.

From espresso sized cups for coffee lovers who need a quick caffeine fix on the go to new iced teas and coffee recipes that use flavoured syrups and signature blends that allow your team to get creative behind the counter, simply add a domed lid or place an order for a mix of sizes so you can showcase your barista brilliance to your customers.

Remember, all artwork is completely free of charge when you order with us. Take a look at our new eco friendly 100% recyclable reCUPS that can be printed in full colour to the highest print quality.


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