Design Ideas for Business Stickers

Custom printed stickers are a great and often forgotten about way to boost your branding and marketing. They are also extremely versatile and can be used across a range of businesses, designed exactly to suit your clientele, branding, and purpose. Here are our top design tips for making the humble business sticker work that bit harder for you.

When creating a custom printed sticker, the most important thing to do is stick to your branding. You don’t necessarily need to have your logo or company name on there (though all the better if you do), but the colours, fonts, and design need to scream YOU! You also need to consider who your clients are, which your branding should already be attuned to. For example, the older population would not likely respond to a QR code sticker as well as younger tech-savvy individuals.

Read on to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Use Your Sticker To Host Your Logo

The most obvious thing to put on your sticker, but a great one nonetheless, is your company logo. You can then use these stickers wherever you like! For example, as part of your packaging to secure tissue paper together for a luxury feel, as a gift to anyone who makes a purchase to reinforce your branding, or even on any customer-facing materials such as a till receipt, menu with order form attached or takeaway food bag.

2. Use It As A Vehicle For Your QR Codes

You could also print QR codes on your stickers which, when scanned, would take your customers to a specific web page. If you work in the hospitality industry, placing stickers on tables that have QR codes and link to online menus is becoming more common as restaurants and bars are trying to limit person-to-person contact in the wake of the pandemic.

You could also provide stickers with every purchase that directs your clients to a review page to secure more feedback for your business, or to provide further information on things such as dietary restrictions, office deliveries or outside catering.

  • Turn Stickers Into Loyalty Card Stamps

If you have a loyalty cards system running to reward customers for their continual support, you could use personalised custom stickers to mark off visits each time their loyalty card is “stamped”. You could also print offers onto stickers that you hand out to customers once their loyalty card is full.

  • Get Creative With Size

When deciding what size sticker to use, you need to consider the purpose of the sticker. One around the size of a business card or smaller works great for custom logo stickers, and is wonderfully versatile. When it comes to size, it really does depend on the function you’re hoping to serve, so get creative!

  • Use Them As Packaging

If you sell your own branded goods, whether that’s beer, oils, sauces or anything in a jar or bottle, you can use your sticker as the product labelling. This is great if your products change seasonally and you only want a small amount of product labelling for each specific product.

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