Cups are better for ice cream than cones

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Most people are fans of this delicious treat, but when it comes to how it’s presented, opinions are split.

If you’re not sure how to serve your ice cream, keep reading.
The two main ways of serving ice cream are in a cone or a cup, but we’re here to champion cups as the right choice for serving tasty ice cream, every time.

They stay fresh and usable

One of the major drawbacks of ice cream cones is that they will eventually go out of date, like all edible goods.
To get good value out of your ice cream cone purchase, you need to use them quickly or aim for a long shelf life, and that’s unfortunate if you aren’t sure you’ll be selling enough ice cream to justify the initial cost.
This is where ice cream cups are a handy alternative. They will stay fresh, so you don’t have to worry about drumming up sales when you’re still organising inventory.

An affordable, convenient choice

Ice cream cups tend to be highly affordable, making them ideal for startups and companies that want to save money without compromising on quality.
Choosing cups will help you keep the cost of your products low, by purchasing them wholesale and storing for when you need them.
The cups are also simple to stow away until you need them. Since they stack up, you can pop them in a cupboard and transport them with ease, sure they’re not going to get damaged.

Cups cut your waste

Eco-friendliness is on everyone’s mind right now, and with good reason. Sustainability is key to a healthier, happier future for the planet, and we all need to do our part.

Every time you serve ice cream in a cone, you’re also likely to give customers a napkin or two. Think about the amount of waste this creates over time.
Not only is this an additional cost for your company, but it’s also incredibly bad for the environment.

This helps make cups a more ecological alternative and being able to brand them is another added bonus!

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