Cost-effective printed packaging options


Cost-effective printed packaging options

With prices rising across the board thanks to increased food and energy prices, many food businesses are actively looking for ways to reduce their costs. One way to achieve this is by opting for pocket-friendly packaging.

If you’re looking to make the switch to more affordable printed packaging, we’re here to help. Read on to discover our selection of budget-friendly options, suitable for all kinds of food businesses.  

Branded greaseproof paper

One way to save on food packaging costs is by opting for custom greaseproof paper to line takeaway boxes. If you don’t have the budget for custom take-away food packaging, opt for plain boxes, and use branded greaseproof paper as a nod to your brand image.

Small print run packaging options 

If you’re just starting out, or switching to new branding, consider ordering a small quantity of custom pizza boxes. Our overprinted pizza boxes can be ordered in small batches, providing you with more flexibility at a lower price.

In general, packaging options with low minimum order quantities allow companies to manage their cash-flow more easily, as they aren’t required to spend high amounts each time they place an order for printed packaging.

Printed paper bags

For food businesses that rely heavily on a delivery service for revenue, printed paper bags are a great money saving option. When a customer receives their food deliver, the first thing they will see is the bag containing their order. Therefore, a branded bag is all that’s needed to establish your brand image, allowing you to choose more affordable, non-customised takeaway boxes.

Custom stamps or stickers

Another cost-effective option for customising food packaging is to invest in branded stamps or stickers. This means you can buy plain take-away boxes, and customise them in-house by adding a stamp or sticker with your logo on it.

Multi-purpose packaging

There are many types of packaging available to food businesses, which are often specifically designed for different products, such as pizza boxes for pizza or burger boxes for burgers. 

Businesses can save on custom packaging by ordering versatile packaging that can be used for a variety of things. For example, our custom waffle trays can be used for different food options, such as fries, sandwiches, and burgers. As such, businesses can cut costs by using one type of custom-packaging for more of their products.

If you’re on the hunt for low-cost custom packaging, we have a variety of affordable printed packaging options available. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements with a member of our sales team. 


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