Best ways to package drinks for home delivery

Craving for a smoothie but still have hundreds of emails to answer? Why not get one delivered to your door? 

The recent boom in the popularity of food delivery also includes the possibility for customers to get their favourite beverages delivered straight to their doorstep. 

However, with this convenience raises a question for restaurants and cafes alike. What, exactly, is the best way to package drinks for home delivery? If you’re a food and drinks outlet struggling with that very question, take a read through our handy guide:


  1. Paper cups: If it’s a coffee, hot chocolate, or tea that you’re looking to deliver, you’ll want to use our single or double-walled paper cups, which are available from 8oz up to 22oz. To reduce the possibility of any spillages, you’ll need to add a lid, and a drinks-carrying tray – otherwise known as a pulp tray - as this will help keep the drink upright throughout the delivery process.
  2. Plastic cups: When it comes to delivering a smoothie or milkshake, a plastic cup is the way to go. Improve your customer experience and stand out from the competition by showcasing your drink creations in personalised plastic cups with your logo. Our clear printed PET cups are an effective and affordable marketing tool, allowing you to enhance branding when making home deliveries.
  3. Printed paper bags: Even if you’re using a pulp tray to keep your drinks upright, you might want to stand this tray in a printed paper bag to help prevent the drinks from falling over. Additionally, paper bags have thermal properties, which will help to keep hot beverages warm and cold beverages cool. 
  4. Printed stickers: There are a variety of benefits to using printed stickers. Firstly, they can be used as an affordable way to add branding to paper cups, or take-away boxes. Additionally, they can be added to your customer’s takeaway order bag as a branded freebie. Printed stickers can also be used to let your customers know that their order hasn’t been tampered with. Our printed stickers come in a variety of shapes and finishes, allowing you to fully customise them to suit your requirements. 

Looking for help or advice for your take-away and home-delivery drink packaging? Send us an email at help@packgenie.co.uk or call us to speak to one of our friendly packaging specialists on 02034 882200. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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