Become a wrapping master with these greaseproof paper folding tricks

It can be tricky to master the art of wrapping food, but armed with some trusty greaseproof paper and your business dream, it’s possible to learn!
This versatile paper can store a range of tasty treats including sandwiches, wraps and cakes. By learning how to fold it properly, you’ll be able to dazzle your customer base after cooking up a storm.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for novice wrappers…


Wrapping for flat sandwiches/wraps

Approach this method a bit like wrapping a flat gift, since the basic approach is almost identical! First, cut the paper to a rectangular shape.
Place the paper in front of you on a flat, even surface. If you’ve bought pre-cut sheets of wrap this might be easier, though as you get better at the technique you’ll have an instinctive feel for how much paper is just enough (and how much is too much)!

Put the foodstuff you’re wrapping in the centre of the paper, ensuring plenty of wrapping paper remains around it in each direction.
Next up, align the top and bottom edges of the paper, lining them up for evenness. Fold by about half an inch, then add a solid crease and repeat this step on each of the adjoining sides.
The exact number of folds will depend largely on the size of the paper and of the food you’re wrapping. When you’re done, both the left and right will look flat.

Wrapping larger irregular height items

Not everything you wrap will be as straightforward as the example above. Wraps in particular are prone to being bulkier, as are ‘sub’ sandwiches. Branded printed greaseproof paper is ideal to keep food contained and provide a professional finish at the same time.

To get the wrapping process right, cut some paper that’s about half again as large as the item itself. This will allow some room for error and for manoeuvring.
Put the paper on a flat surface, and put the sandwich on the paper. This time, start at the edge and gradually roll the item closer towards the middle, taking the greaseproof paper with you.

When this bit is done, fold the sides of the paper to help secure whatever you’re wrapping. You might find you need to fasten it with a piece of tape for added security.

This item will now be ready for your customers to transport, with the delicious contents safely stored thanks to your mastery of some very clever folding techniques.

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