Attract attention with these sticker design tips

Sometimes the smallest details of your food packaging can make the biggest difference to your customers.


Using stickers to accessorise your packaging, highlight information, or engage your customers is a great way to make your food business more memorable.


At Pack Genie, we can help you design stickers in a range of shapes and sizes that can be used on any part of your packaging.


Here are some of our suggestions of how you can attract the attention of potential customers using excellent sticker design tips.


  • Keep it simple


When it comes to sticker design, you normally have a very small area to work with so don’t make your design too intricate.


Often the simplest designs are the most eye-catching, as they pop out at the viewer and are quickly understandable.


Keep words to a minimum and focus on conveying your message in the simplest way possible.


Fun things you can put on a sticker include phrases like:

  • Open me!
  • Look inside!
  • Surprise!
  • Bon appetite
  • Scan me
  • Enjoy!


  • Use bright colours and a bold design


If you want to instantly grab peoples’ attention, bright colours and a bold design can quickly do this.


Use one main colour that will draw in customers, and then potentially another bright colour if you want to include a design or some text.


  • Incorporate QR codes on your stickers


QR codes are being used more often in various forms of packaging so customers are now aware that scanning these codes could take them to something interesting.


Putting a QR code on one of your stickers will instantly make a customer want to scan and see what they can find.


Your code could direct a customer to your menu, social media profile, a fun game or promotional video.


It could be a great way to engage with your customers and provide some additional value when they buy your products.


  • Use different shapes and sizes


Our final tip is to get creative when it comes to the shapes and sizes of your stickers. You don’t have to stick with the standard small circle shapes, get creative with unusual shapes or large designs and use them to decorate your products.


Not only can you use stickers on cups and boxes, but they can also be used on the delivery packaging, cutlery, or to seal up your hot wraps and burgers.


Design your fun printed stickers with Pack Genie today.


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