Are you summer ready? Printed Plastic Cups with logo on

The 19th of July is getting closer by the day, that means full summer unlocking is nearly upon upon us. Capitalise on the increase in footfall this summer by using printed plastic cups with logo on - You might be asking yourself;


Where to buy to printed plastic cups?

PackGenie can help with your custom printed clear PET cup needs for your business. offering a large verity of print options and sizes for a multitude of applications. Furthermore our printed plastic cups are super clear and are 100% recyclable being made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) - which is readily recycled in standard waste streams in the UK. Ideal for promotional events, or food and drink businesses. We can print in super quality in approx 3- 4 weeks for 1 colour print or up to 8 weeks for multicoloured designs. Additionally our printed plastic cups are strong and can be purchased along with complimenting flat or dome lid options with holes, perfect for a paper straw. 

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Printed Cup Sizes

Our printed plastic cups are available in the below sizes, printed in 1 or full colour options:

9 oz printed plastic cups

12 oz printed plastic cups

16 oz printed plastic cups

20 oz printed plastic cups


Plastic Cup Print Options

PackGenie can print using 2 different techniques, both have their benefits depending on what your looking for. 


1. Screen Printed Plastic Cups:


- Minimal print runs staring from only 1000 cups

- Choice of 1 Colour print - This keeps costs down

- Printed and delivered in shorter lead times - Approx 3 - 4 weeks from artwork sign off


2. Full Colour Printed Cups


- Can be printed in super high quality up to 6 colours

- Can be printed on a bigger area all around the cup

- Can add detailed designs


Cup Lid Options

Domed Lids with hole for straw - Perfect for milkshakes or ice creams that need a little more head room. Don't compromise with a flat lid and showcase your creations to the maximum with these unique lids. Our lids are also made from PET and can be readily recycled in standard waste streams across the UK. You can find them here

custom printed plastic cups with logo on from PackGenie

Flat Lids with Straw Hole - Ideal for beer or iced drinks. Snugly and securely fit onto our cups. Can be found here

Both out flat and domed lids fit our branded plastic cups in sizes:

9 oz / 12 oz  /16 oz and 20 oz 


Robust & Sturdy PET Cups

Offering unparalleled strength, our PET cups are very rigid, they will not collapse inwards when filled and squeezed and wont buckle when fitting lids.


Eco Friendly Printed Plastic Cups

Recycling plastic can be very confusing! Local recycling facilities have tried to simplify recycling by using visuals such as: plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, butter tubs. Nevertheless, if your plastic product doesn't match how do you know if it can be recycled? This then leads to confusion and ends up in landfill.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) – Recyclable plastic

PET Plastic recycle logo PETE 1

PET plastic is the most widely recycled in the UK. It is regularly used in clear plastic bottles. PET can be recycled into polyester fabric and filling for fleeces, carpets and cushion fillings.



Depending on which print option you go for will determine your delivery time:

1 colour overprinted option: Approx 3 - 4 weeks from artwork sign off

Full colour: 1 to 6 colour print: Approx 8 weeks from artwork sign off


Ordering / Free Artwork Service & Digital Visuals

Ordering is simple; either order directly from our website where all our prices are clearly displayed. Alternatively you can email help@packgenie.co.uk for a quote or require free samples / visuals to see what your design will look like before purchase. This will be a digital visual and all samples will be of previous customers designs, but gives a idea of quality and scale.

If your interested in printed plastic cups then get in touch with us today on 0203 4882200 or email help@packgenie.co.uk