Are meal deals the secret to battling rising costs as a takeaway business?

For takeaway businesses, rising ingredient and operational costs can be a huge challenge in your day-to-day life. You may think that raising your menu prices is the obvious answer but be careful with this approach – it can quickly deter budget-conscious customers. 

So, what’s the right answer? How do you balance the expectations of your customers while prioritising your business’ finances?

Here's where well-crafted meal deals, presented in the right custom food packaging, can become your knight in shining armour.

The power of perception

Meal deals create a perception of value. Customers feel they're getting more for their money, making them more likely to order. 

Our diverse packaging options can help enhance this perception. Imagine a combo with a burger, fries, and a drink, each in its own attractive container that screams "complete meal." This combined presentation reinforces the deal's value.

Boosting your profitability

Meal deals allow you to bundle ingredients strategically. Let's say you offer a "Family Fiesta" with two pizzas, garlic bread, and a drink. You might use slightly smaller pizzas than usual, but by combining them with other menu items, you create a perceived increase in quantity while maintaining margins. 

Our customisable pizza boxes and leak-proof containers ensure everything arrives fresh and appetizing, maximising customer satisfaction.

Targeted marketing and packaging

Highlight your meal deals with eye-catching packaging! We offer customisable options – print your logo, the deal's name, and enticing visuals of the included items.

This makes the deal stand out from individual items and tempts customers across online platforms and delivery routes. 

Additionally, consider offering "limited-time" deals with unique packaging to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Beyond the price of your meal deals

While cost plays a major role, meal deals can attract customers seeking convenience. Busy families or groups of friends might find them easier to order than individual items. 

People are often willing to pay for convenience, so you should also think about how you package up your meal deals that provide your customers with the same level of service they are used to.

Don’t forget!

Meal deals are a strategy, not a magic solution. Carefully analyse your menu, ingredient costs, and profit margins before crafting them. 

With a thoughtful approach to meal deals, coupled with well-designed personalised food packaging, you can navigate rising costs while attracting new customers who are going to fall in love with your takeaway business.

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