8 valentine’s day delivery ideas

For the hospitality industry, Valentine’s Day is usually a big one. Loved up couples across the UK use this day as an occasion to splash out on a slap up meal in one of the country’s many restaurants or pubs. 

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of people opting for takeaways, rather than eating out, has increased. With this in mind, you might want to consider how to show your customers a little bit of love this February, by spicing up your delivery service. Keep reading to discover how.

  1. Sharing specials: Create special sharing platters for couples to enjoy their meal together. These sharing platters can be filled with a variety of delicious dishes that are designed to be enjoyed with someone else. For instance, if you serve Italian food, consider offering a cheese and charcuterie board made up of Italian produce.
  2. Buy one get one free deals: Offer a buy one get one free deal on all orders made on Valentine's Day. This will encourage couples to enjoy their meal together while they celebrate their love.
  3. Gift a bottle of wine: For orders above a certain value, gift a bottle of wine or champagne to the customers. This will add an extra touch of love to their meal and make their day even more special.
  4. Heart-shaped meals: Really embrace the theme, and offer special menu items that are heart-shaped or feature heart-shaped arrangements. If you’re a pizza restaurant, why not make a heart-shaped pizza?
  5. Personalised greeting cards: Include a personalised greeting card with each delivery to make the customers feel extra special. The card can include a message of love, a quote, or a heartfelt note.
  6. Customisable menu: Allow customers to customise their meals with special ingredients, sauces, or toppings. Consider options such as "create your own heart-shaped pizza" or "create your own romantic dinner platter".
  7. Couple's meal kit: Create a meal kit designed for couples to cook together at home. The kit can include all the ingredients and recipes for a romantic meal, along with a bottle of wine and some special treats. Not only does this mean couples can enjoy a delicious meal together, but they also benefit from participating in a shared activity.
  8. Limited Edition Printed Greaseproof Paper: Package all Valentine's Day orders in style by using limited edition printed greaseproof paper. The paper can feature cute little hearts, cupid bows, or even doves. This will help to make the food delivery a little more romantic.

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