7 freak-shakes your customers will love

Freak-shakes are one of the newest dessert trends that many customers are prepared to queue for.

With many freak-shake bars already popping up around London and other larger cities, you could be onto a real winner if you include some of these recipes on your menu.

Like a normal milkshake, with lots of added toppings, this is a great eye-catching dessert that we’re sure people will travel from far and wide to sample!

Perfect for those with a serious sweet tooth, or who like to indulge in the occasional treat every now and then, here are some delicious freak-shakes that we think your customers are going to go crazy for.

1. Eton mess freak-shake

A crazy take on one of the UK’s most traditional desserts, this freak-shake has lashings of whipped cream, chunks of meringue, and the sweetness of strawberries that make it the perfect treat.

Serve it up in one of our personalised PET plastic glasses with either vanilla or strawberry milkshake, and your customers will fall in love

2. Cookie dough freak-shake

If you’re already serving cookies to your customers, you probably have all the ingredients you could need to make this freak-shake.

Crumble up some cookie pieces on top of a chocolate milkshake, add chocolate chunks, chocolate sauce, or some raw cookie dough and you’ve got the perfect shake

3. Berry madness freak-shake

Freak-shakes don’t always have to be full of chocolate, you could also create a somewhat healthier option with lots of fruit.

A berry madness freak-shake can include a range of berries, berry sauce, and some low-calorie whipped cream for a guilt-free treat

4. Toasted smores freak-shake

Snuggle up with cosy smores-inspired freak-shake. Toast up some marshmallows, crumble up some biscuits and add some chocolate chunks for a delicious drink.

5. Nutella pretzel freak-shake

The perfect combination of salty and sweet, a Nutella pretzel freak-shake combines delicious flavours and a generous amount of chocolate that will leave your customers satisfied and interested in trying the rest of your flavours.

6. Ring donut freak-shake

Put a ring donut on top of a chocolate milkshake and put your straw right through the middle to create this attention-grabbing milkshake. Let your customer choose the donut they want, then finish off with sprinkles and whipped cream.

7. Apple pie freak-shake

Finally, we have an apple pie freak-shake, fit with a warm apple pie on top, sprinkles of cinnamon, and obligatory whipped cream to finish off this mouth-watering dessert.

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