6 Ways to Use Wax Paper Sheets in Your Kitchen

When you’re running a business, you’ll come to appreciate anything that makes your life that little bit easier. 

Wax paper sheets are one of those kitchen items that may seem like a basic staple but are actually super versatile and incredibly useful. 

It may not be the most exciting item to buy, but plenty of our customers have found that wax paper sheets have become an essential. In this article, we’re going to be talking about all the ways you can use wax paper in your food business this year.

What are wax paper sheets?

Wax paper sheets, also known as waxed paper sheets, are thin sheets of paper coated with a layer of wax. That wax is usually made from soybean wax or paraffin. 

This wax coating is what gives the sheets it’s special powers, making it resistant to moisture and grease while remaining food safe. 

As we’ll explain, the uses of wax paper are endless and probably expand further than you ever realised.

Different uses for wax paper sheets in the kitchen

There are so many different ways you can use wax paper sheets in the kitchen – which is the main reason they’re one of the most popular items on our website.

Many of our customers have found a range of ingenious ways to use their waxed paper sheets for everything from food preparation to packaging up food for takeaway orders. Here are just some of the different uses for wax-coated sheets in the kitchen. 

1. Wax Paper During Food Preparation

One of the more obvious ways that you can use wax paper in the kitchen is during the food preparation process.

The food business can be hectic, and we know that any minute you can save not having to worry about the materials you’re using to prepare your food is a minute that you can use to work on the next order.

Whether you're kneading dough, rolling out pastry, or making sweet treats, the non-stick surface of a wax-coated paper sheet prevents ingredients from sticking to surfaces. This means you can quickly make each item and move onto the next without too much hassle.

Rather than using other types of paper, wax paper makes the whole process of cooking and preparing dishes much simpler and mess-free. 

2. Food-grade Wax Paper for Wrapping Things Up

Wax paper is great for wrapping individual food items, such as sandwiches, burgers, or wraps.

Because the material is non-stick, you don’t have to worry about items getting stuck to the wrapping and getting messy – which means everything will be served up or delivered to your customers exactly as they were expecting it.

The wax paper creates a protective layer that stops grease and liquids from soaking through your packaging, keeping everything looking pristine for your customers.

3. Wax Paper Divider Sheets

If you normally try to fit as much as you can in one box, whether that’s pastries, burgers, sandwiches, or slices of cake, you might struggle to find a way to keep everything separate and avoid items from sticking together.

Placing wax paper divider sheets between different food items stops that problem. It also makes everything look that little bit more appealing when customers open up their box.

By keeping everything nicely separated, you minimise the chances of any damage during delivery, which is important when you’re working with delicate dishes like pastries or other bakery items. 

4. Lining Your Boxes and Bags

If you’re using your own personalised wax paper, you should be using it any way you can to increase brand recognition and make your packaging stand out. When used to line bakery boxes or bags for cupcakes, muffins, or brownies, wax paper can add a touch of professionalism and sophistication that can go a long way in the eyes of your customers.

It's not all just about the way that the wax paper looks, either. A wax paper lining serves a functional purpose by helping to keep baked goods nice and moist – which is really important when you’re delivering things like cupcakes and cakes where the texture needs to be just right. No soggy bottoms please!

5. A Barrier to Protect Greasy Foods

There’s nothing worse than ordering a juicy burger or family-size pizza and receiving a soggy box that’s covered in grease.

We like to recommend using wax paper as barrier between the food and its outer packaging. This prevents any grease from leaking.

Most importantly, this keeps your packaging sturdy and strong, but it also makes sure that when your food is delivered, it still looks appetising to the customer.

Whether you’re selling fried chicken, chips, or other fried food to your customers, a good wrapping of wax paper will be the protective shield that allows your customers to enjoy their favourite treats, without having to compromise on cleanliness. 

6. Personalised Packaging to Make Your Business Stand Out

Finally, you shouldn’t just see wax paper as something that serves a functional purpose (although it is great at that). It can also really amp up your marketing strategy, too.

Creating customised wax paper for your food business is a good marketing strategy that can boost your brand image and make your business a lot more memorable. Print your logo onto the wax paper, or just use your brand colours if you want to keep it simple, and suddenly your customers won’t be able to ignore your branding.

By customising your packaging, you’re signalling to customers that you take a lot of care and consideration with your business. Combine that with your delicious food and there’s no reason why a customer won’t order from you again and again – and tell all their friends while they’re at it!


The Importance of Wax Paper for Food Businesses

Whether it's wrapping a special sandwich, creating a pouch for a cupcake, or keeping a uniquely shaped dessert safe during delivery, wax paper allows for creative and practical packaging solutions. 

Have we given you some ideas of how you can use wax paper in your business?