6 New Ways to Use Stickers in Your Food Business

Printed stickers have almost become a food business staple. Cafes, coffee shops, and takeaways are using stickers in a whole host of different ways, from labelling bottles to customising generic packaging, to sealing up order boxes and bags. 

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. 

Why not think outside the box? Here are some new, innovative, and highly creative ways that food businesses could be using their printed stickers to drive even better results, and generate the best possible returns from their branding investments:

Ways to use stickers in your food business

1. Wearables

Consider providing a branded sticker to every customer who makes a purchase. At busy lunch times, you could see hundreds of local office workers walking around promoting your brand on their shirts or coats, acting as powerful brand advocates. 

2. Receipt Stickers

Popping a sticker onto a customer’s receipt is a simple way to provide any after sales information that’s necessary to enhance the guest experience. You can use this to provide information such as the WiFi password, or a code for the facilities. 

3. QR Codes

A printed sticker doesn’t just have to show off your brand name. You could add a QR code to your stickers to help extend the customer relationship outside the store. Customers can scan the sticker at home for access to exclusive deals or promotions. 

4. In-Store Fun

If you cater to lots of families, consider placing QR code stickers at various places around your store. Kids can scan these stickers to access hidden messages or puzzles online. It’s a great way to keep little ones busy while parents enjoy a bite to eat. 

5. Seasonal Personalisation

Some businesses are deterred from embracing seasonal branding due to costs. A whole new set of takeout boxes just for Valentine’s Day? It’s not for everyone. Stickers allow you to get into the festive spirit with minimal financial commitments. 

6. Decor

Why not use your branded printed stickers as part of your venue’s decor? Placed on tables, counters, menus, and more, stickers can be a great way to enhance the power of your branding and spread your brand message around your space. 

Stickers are simple. They’re basic. They’re associated with childhood play. And so many food businesses overlook them when building their branding and marketing strategy. The truth is, when you get creative, there’s almost nothing they can’t do.