6 loyalty card ideas to display on your pizza boxes

As an owner of a takeaway, one of the most important things you can do to ensure success is find innovative ways to encourage your customers to order from you again and again.


Growing a base of loyal customers who will come to your takeaway every Friday night is crucial. One of the ways that you can increase repeat orders from your existing customers is to offer some kind of loyalty scheme.


If you’re a pizza delivery business, you can display your loyalty card ideas on the pizza boxes themselves to grab your customer’s attention and encourage them to order from you again.


If you’ve been trying to find new ways to create loyal customers for your business, this post is for you! Here are six loyalty card ideas that you can display on your pizza boxes:


  • Free pizzas


One of the most common loyalty programmes that many takeaways will offer include giving a customer a free pizza once they hit a certain amount of orders, for example; a free pizza on your fifth order.


Simply attach a card to your box and provide stickers for them to keep track of how many times they’ve placed an order at your takeaway.


  • Unlock new offers and add-ons


Another loyalty card idea includes one where depending on what your customers orders they can get a mixture of different rewards--you could even have the loyalty card like a bingo card.


For example, when you order a vegetarian pizza, you unlock free toppings, or when you order a large pizza you can get a free dessert.


  • Mystery surprise


Intrigue can go a long way in attracting customers, so why not have a loyalty card that will offer a mystery surprise after a certain amount of orders.


Your customers may end up placing more orders just to find out what the surprise is.


  • Personalise rewards


Another idea is to personalise rewards with a loyalty card on the pizza box which reflects the customer’s behaviour.


For example, if they’re vegetarian you can have a loyalty card that gets them a free veggie pizza.


  • Scan a QR code


Finally, you could put a QR code on your pizza box which, when scanned, will take a customer to an app, webpage or social media account where they can share their order and collect points.


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