6 ideas for creative burger box designs that are perfect for any occasion

There are millions of food businesses that opt to package their takeaway burgers in a standard brown box. That option is quick and easy - but, why not make your business stand out with something a little different?

A great burger deserves so much more than the humble brown box, it should be part of a full experience for the senses. Here are 6 creative ideas that you can use to make your boxes stand out and keep your customers satisfied.

  • The burger builder challenge

Transform your custom burger box into a fun game arena! Design one side with a blank burger illustration and the other with a sheet of perforated "topping tokens" featuring cheese, bacon, lettuce, and other delicious options. 

Customers can detach the tokens and "build" their burger on the illustration, keeping them occupied and entertained. 

  • The mystery menu surprise

Include a prominent QR code that, when scanned, reveals a secret menu on your website. This exclusive menu could feature limited-time burger creations not available via your regular menu. 

This exclusivity adds to the excitement and makes customers feel like they're in on a special secret. To further generate a buzz, launch a social media campaign using the hashtag #MysteryMenuBurger to get people talking.

  • Rewarding your valued customers

Use a limited-edition box to not only showcase your delicious burgers but also launch your new loyalty program. Design the box with a bright, eye-catching colour scheme that pops and prominently displays the program details. 

This could include information on how many points are earned per purchase, the various reward tiers, and the exciting rewards customers can redeem their points for.

  • Sharing the ‘inside scoop’

Go beyond just advertising your burgers and use a limited-edition box to connect with your customers on a deeper level. 

Design the box with a fun, news-themed layout. Use headlines and short blurbs to announce exciting company news, like the opening of a new location, a menu expansion, or a charity partnership you're involved with.

  • A nostalgic journey

Tap into the power of nostalgia with a limited-edition box featuring a vintage burger design and classic colour scheme. This evokes a sense of familiarity and warmth for customers who remember ‘the good old days’.

  • A seasonal celebration

Celebrate the changing seasons with four unique limited-edition box designs. Each box can feature a unique design and colour scheme that reflects the essence of a particular season.

Got your own idea? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you bring it to life.

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