6 Festive pizza combos to grow your sales this Christmas season

Pizza may not strike you as the most festive of dishes, but this cult Italian street food is so versatile, it really can lend itself well to the most wonderful time of the year. A great snack, a delicious meal and a treat to share alone or with friends, switching up your pizza toppings to reflect the season can help you to grow your sales in the run up to Christmas. Here’s a few festive flavour combos to tempt your diners during party season: 

1. Sausage and bacon aka pigs in blankets

Fluffy, chewy pizza dough, rich tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, and pigs in blankets. What’s not to love? This fun festive take on a traditional pizza requires nothing more than the addition of mini sausages wrapped in bacon to be a tempting topping in its own right. 

2. Parma ham and chestnuts 

Take the Parma ham you may have on your festive cheeseboard and the chestnuts from your stuffing or sprouts and pair the two on your pizza. The ham’s salty crispness makes for a delectable topping that pairs nicely with the texture from crushed up chestnuts. Delicious! 

3. Pear and blue cheese

Continuing with the cheese board theme, adding a few slivers of pair to your pizza topping, along with some crumbles of Stilton, makes for an unexpected but delicious slice. 

4. Turkey, camembert, and cranberry 

Turn a classic Christmas dinner combination into a delicious pizza topping by throwing some sliced turkey onto your tomato base, nestle in some chunks of camembert or brie and then serve with a cranberry dipping sauce to dunk the crusts into. For a vegetarian offering, just leave out the turkey. Yum!

5. Brussels sprouts and pancetta

They may be relegated to side dish status on the main festive table, but why not tempt your diners to try something a bit different by shaving brussels sprouts and spreading across a crispy pizza base. Top with salty prosciutto, which will crisp up during the cooking process and then drizzle with some good quality olive oil to finish. 

6. Brie and walnut 

So many of us are left with an abundance of cheese after the Christmas period, but it makes a great pizza topping. Add wedges of left over brie with a scattering of walnuts and a few halves of grapes. Unexpectedly delicious! 


Don’t forget to dress up your pizza

Christmas is a time of indulgence but, it’s also a period of fun and celebration. To give your diners an even bigger slide of Christmas spirit, swap your usual wrappings for festive variations. This could mean you add Rudolph, berries, trees, or Santa Clause to your custom printed greaseproof paper and pizza box liners, or, have holiday wishes printed onto your custom pizza boxes. Whatever limited edition design you opt for, have fun spreading the seasonal cheer! 


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