6 branded food packaging tips for new businesses

Starting up your own business can be the most rewarding – and often scariest – time in any entrepreneur's life.

You’ve probably invested a lot of your own money into your newest project so, of course, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

One important thing you will want to think about before turning on the ovens and coming up with your menu is how you’re going to brand your business and your packaging.

It may seem like a small detail, but it could make all the difference in attracting lots of valuable new customers.

Here are some of our top branded food packaging tips for new businesses.

  • Come up with a theme and stick with it
  • To create a strong brand, you should come up with an overarching theme and follow this with all your packaging. This includes picking out colours, fonts, and logos.

  • Create packaging that stands out
  • Whether you’re posting on social media, or just trying to attract customers as they walk past your truck, try to create packaging that is unique and eye-catching.

  • Think about your target audience
  • When designing your packaging, think about who your target audience is and what they would be interested in. 

    For example, packaging targeting children will be very different from the packaging that would interest a couple in their 30s.

  • Don’t forget about the important details
  • There are some things that you may have to include on your packaging because of legal reasons like allergens, ingredients, and product descriptions.

    Do your research on what you should include beforehand so you don’t risk getting caught out later on by not complying with regulations.

  • Always choose quality over quantity
  • Your packaging says a lot about your brand, so you should always choose quality over quantity. 

    Poor-quality packaging could not just mean accidents and spills for your customers, but will also cause them to see you as a low-quality brand and will not buy from you again.

  • Buy your packaging from a trusted supplier
  • Finally, it’s important to buy your packaging from a supplier that you trust to deliver high-quality packaging when you need it. 

    At Pack Genie, we offer a range of personalised packaging options that are perfect for any food business.

    To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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