5 Ways to Use Printed Food Flags

Using custom printed food flags is a great way to boost your branding and inform your customers about what they’re eating. Food flags aren’t just for fun though; they’re functional too and can be used to hold stacks of food piled high. If you get creative, this means they can also help you serve up some killer food displays to your diners.

Need a little inspiration? Here are our top five ways to use our printed food flags.

  • Unmissable Branding

Food flags are the ideal place to place your company’s logo to reinforce your brand. Unlike other branded goods that could easily be ignored, you customers will have to pay attention to the flag inserted into the top of their food, simply because they will need to pick it up and remove it before they can tuck in. Our personalised food flags are the perfect way to literally put your branding right under your customer's nose!

  • Advertise Promotions

Food flags are also an easy way to inform your customers of current promotions. If you have an ongoing promotion, personalized food flags can be a unique and eye-catching way to present your offer and showcase your creativity and innovation as a food business.

They are also a great option for displaying last-minute deals. Have some food that you need to sell that day? Insert a promotional food flag into these items an hour before you close! This could help to boost your sales and minimise food waste.

  • Display Allergens & Diet Information

It is a legal requirement for all food, other than products that are made of one ingredient only, to comply with the UK Food Labelling Regulations and display appropriate allergen information. You can display this on a board or communicate it verbally to your customers on their request, but having it clearly printed on food flags is a great way to ensure everyone stays safe.

Similarly, you could use the flags to highlight which items conform to certain dietary requirements, both when displaying food and when serving diners. A GF flag atop a brownie for example is an easy way to assure those with gluten intolerances that their food is allergy-safe.

  • Create Food Stacks

Nowadays, the more Instagrammable your food, the more attention it grabs and the better it sells. Creating stacks of food piled high is sure to draw customers in – think big burger stacks and skyscraper onion rings. Using food flags can help you bring these creations to life by acting as the glue that holds the ingredients together for presentation purposes.

Help Food Survive Delivery

With COVID-19 causing restaurants to close, many have now pivoted to offer takeout and delivery services. However, trying to get your triple bacon cheeseburger delivered to your customers in one piece can be a challenge if it needs to head across town with a delivery driver. Food flags are a great way to hold the dish together, ensuring that it looks as good upon arrival as it did when it left the kitchen.


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