5 Ways Stickers Can Help You Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom designed stickers are a cost-effective, eco-friendly way of getting your brand seen whenever you want to add a professional touch to your products.
From smoothie bottles to ice cream cups and cardboard packaging on a delivery, placing your logo, slogan, or social media tags on purchased items can make otherwise generic looking packaging into a memorable reminder of exactly where it came from.

We stock a wide range of printed stickers, with an array of sizes and shapes that stick equally well on hot and cold surfaces, making them especially effective if you work in the food and drink industry.
What’s more, you can also send us your very own design so that you can ensure alignment with existing brand tone of voice and colour palette, or even get one of our creative minds in our design team to help you come up with a winning look.

Listed below are just some of the reasons why using bespoke sticker designs can help you widen your audience reach, help increase sales, and even cement brand loyalty for your existing customers.

1) Selling products
While many companies choose to place their unique logo and messaging on their custom-made stickers, it can also help to think outside the (literal!) box when it comes to trying to boost sales of your products.
For example, if you are a café or stall specialising in hot chocolate and other warm drinks, you might struggle to sell enough units at certain parts of the year as the weather warms up.
This is where you could use a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or a discount sticker label as part of a campaign to get customers drinking more.
As these would likely be placed on a paper coffee cup holder or on menus, these can either be branded in specific colours and font styles matching your brand, or as ‘one off’ stickers that stand out to passers by so as to create a sense of urgency.

2) Event promotion
Let’s face it, we all like to come away from an event with some extra goodies as a memento.
Whether you’re promoting your food products at a local farmers market, or you’re offering up some pizza taste testing sessions at the local village fair, attaching custom designed stickers to anything you sell or give away can ensure that those coming back from an event can remember which company it was that had that stand out margherita pizza.
Especially useful if attending network or industry events where potential customer or clients will be actively looking to either invest or purchase stock, sticking featuring your contact info and logo can give you a definitive edge.

3) Getting brand information across
Custom-designed stickers draw attention to your brand for an extended period of time, whether that’s with friends and colleagues as customers sit in their morning meeting with your company logo and messaging adorned all over their coffee cup, or as an impressive visual for passers by as they peer into your café window.
This is why getting all the detail you want about your business on your sticker design can help you communicate information about your brand, which doesn’t always have to be sales focused.
One example is on sandwich packaging. Perhaps you’re a vegan-friendly breakfast and brunch bar specialising in ingredients that don’t involve animals or animal products in the process of making the food.
Considering your target audience, this is something that you would want to shout about across all brand touch points, including the food packaging itself.
Listing the main features and benefits of buying from your shopfront with stickers is an ideal way to reaffirm to customers that you are committed to meeting their needs and can help to get nutritional details across that they may otherwise have missed altogether.

4) Increase social media following and web traffic
There are now several ways you can digitise food and drinks packaging, including through stickers that have a QR code attached to the design that can be used to encourage customer interactivity with your brand.
Tap into the advanced technology in smartphones used by the majority of your customer base, with the ability to hover over a QR code to automatically point people to your website or social media channels a convenient way of self-promoting your digital offering.

This sticker design idea can be expanded to include:

    •    Links to additional ingredient information on your website landing page
    •    Opportunities to redeem discount codes for use in your café or takeaway
    •    Collection of GDPR friendly customer data for CRM purposes
    •    Competition entries to win products from your food or drink business (free smoothies for a month)
    •    Interactive content which could include augmented reality (AR) implementation for social media tagging and image upload as customers wait to be served

5) Reminder of a meal deal offer
We’ve all been there before. You enter a supermarket or petrol station and proceed to gather up several drinks and food items before being told while trying to pay that you can “Make it a meal deal” if you purchase certain products.
Custom-made stickers can prevent such confusion by clearly pointing out which food and drink items you sell qualify for a discounted meal deal offer and can in turn help make sure that the flow of customers in and out of your café, bakery or food bar isn’t too disrupted.
What’s more, by making the process of acquiring a meal deal as smooth as possible for customers through clear and colourful sticker messaging, they will make sure to associate your business with a stress-free experience that they will likely want to return to.
Want to know more about you can create custom-branded stickers to help get your business noticed as you begin to scale up?

We specialise in food packaging labels with permanent adhesive so that your messaging won’t get lost or damaged. With rapid production times of only 48 hours from design approval, take a look at our affordable sticker printing options today! Check out our full sticker range here

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