5 unlikely uses for printed greaseproof paper for your food business

Greaseproof paper is one of the most versatile materials that we think every food business should have in supply at all times.


It can be used in a range of applications to make the dining experience more enjoyable, and easier, for the customers eating your food.


If you’re thinking about ordering some of your printed greaseproof paper, here are just a few of the different ways to use it that you might not have already thought about.


  • Cutlery holder liners


Do you keep cutlery in a holder on tables for your customers to take? Having the cutlery by themselves can look a little boring, so why not dress things up by lining the holder with your own personalised greaseproof paper.


This not only keeps everything in your business on-brand but also looks much more aesthetic for your customers.


  • Disposable menus


Most food businesses now offer disposable menus that can easily be thrown away, and with our art printing services, you can actually print your entire menu on greaseproof paper.


Our greaseproof paper is both biodegradable and compostable so using this material for your menus is one of the most sustainable options you could choose.


Nowadays, customers love eco-friendly businesses, so this is your chance to get ahead of your competitors.


  • To-go box liners


If you offer to-go boxes to your customers, or maybe even tasting boxes to buy, lining the boxes with your printed greaseproof paper could be a great option.


The greaseproof paper will prevent any leaks, spills or food sticking to the box, and will also add a nice personal touch for every customer.


  • Placemats


If you’re already using disposable placemats in your business, we think you should switch to using greaseproof paper instead.


Perfect for incorporating your branding into all aspects of your business, using this material is also a much more sustainable option.


  • Burger wraps


The final use for our printed greaseproof paper is as burger wraps. But you can also use it to wrap up any other food you sell like sandwiches, tacos or sweet treats.


Especially if you’re running a takeaway food business, having greaseproof paper to wrap up your products is essential to let your customers take your food home without any mess.


Using our printed paper is also a great opportunity to use your branding and logos. This will make your packaging a lot more identifiable and put across an excellent brand message to your customers.


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