5 Things You Can Use Stickers for in Your Food Business

Being affordable to print, custom stickers are a great option for small independent businesses looking to improve the look of their products and their branding. This is especially true for food retailers who have to legally convey a lot of important information to customers through their packaging. However, many business owners are unaware of how to use stickers to their full potential.

To help you out, here are five interesting ways you can use personalised custom printed stickers in your food business.

1. Allergen Information

It is a legal requirement for all food products to have their allergens listed. An easy way to ensure that all of your products have this on is by adding custom stickers with this information to your product packaging. Not only will this avoid you getting into legal trouble, but it will also mean customers aren’t asking you the same questions repeatedly as all the information is clearly displayed.

2. Links to Menus

Following the global pandemic, handing out old-fashioned menus in restaurants is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, many hospitality venues are making their customers scan QR codes which will take them to a web page that displays their menu. Why not get custom printed stickers with a QR code that does just that? You could also consider having QR codes that link to review pages to encourage guests to provide feedback.

3. Premium Packaging

Although affordable, custom printed stickers also have a feeling of luxury. If you serve takeout food, rather than simply delivering the food in a plain cardboard box you could consider sealing it with a sticker. Likewise, adding branded stickers to cups and containers makes your business seem more professional, while simultaneously boosting your brand awareness.

4. Loyalty Cards

Many food businesses also offer loyalty cards to their customers, offering them a free item after a certain number of purchases. Rather than stamping the loyalty cards, you could use custom-printed stickers. This is unique and professional, something that your customers will surely appreciate.

5. Organise Your Workplace

You can use custom stickers not to benefit your customers, but to make life easier for your staff by organising your workspace. Use stickers to label different areas in the kitchen so all employees know where items belong. You could also use stickers to keep on track of when opened food products are going out of date, or to add stickers to reduced items that need to be sold that day.

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