5 tasty drinks to tempt Christmas shoppers


There’s a chill in the air, Mariah Carey’s on the radio and the festive displays line the nation’s high streets – Christmas is upon us. If you’re a café, a coffee shop, a pizza place, a restaurant, a bistro, or a bar, this is an important time of the year, so anything you can do to tempt shoppers as they hunt down a bargain or two is a big advantage. 


With the weather turning decidedly chillier, an easy way to win over weary shoppers is to welcome them to stop in for a warming festive drink before once again setting off in search of presents for loved ones. Adding seasonal drinks is a simple way to reflect the changing of the seasons but, it can also be a big draw in its own right as the success of Starbuck’s holiday cups and festive flavours each year shows. 


To give you some inspiration for your own limited edition Christmas drinks menu, here are a few of our favourite drinks combinations when party season kicks in…

1. A peppermint mocha

Chocolatey, minty and with a coffee kick, a rich, decadent peppermint mocha is just the thing to bring frazzled shoppers back to life. A basic mocha is simply a mix of hot chocolate and coffee, but this one has a shot of peppermint syrup to perk up those flavours. To make it extra decadent and even more moreish, you could dress your version up with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, a mini cinnamon cookie or even a real candy cane. 


If you’re going to go for broke with all the toppings, serve yours up supersize in a 20oz custom branded double wall recyclable cup. For a basic mocha with no cream or candy canes, go for a standard 12oz custom branded coffee cup. 


2. A Baileys hot chocolate

Another all-time classic winter warmer to beguile frosty festive shoppers, a Baileys hot chocolate is simply a regular hot chocolate made extra creamy with a boozy splash of Baileys Irish cream liqueur. With so many Bailey’s flavours to choose from, you can also offer myriad options to repeat customers. As this is a hot drink, it should be served in a double walled paper coffee cup. 


3. A naughty coffee espresso martini 

This grown-up pick me up is just right for a special occasion such as Christmas. It’s a grown up treat that will have even the most fed-up of shoppers ready to face the crowds once again. Simply prepare a regular black coffee then add equal parts Kahlua and Bailey’s. If you want to be extra fancy, you can top with chocolate sprinkles or, a chocolate covered coffee bean. 


4. A North Pole fruit tea

Inspired by all the colours and flavours of Christmas, this North Pole fruit tea mixes loose black tea leaves with red hibiscus flowers, citrus peels such as clementine, lemon and orange and a whole cinnamon stick. Add a whole clove or two if you have them and steep before serving. 


5. Non-alcoholic warm apple cider

For those who want to keep a clear head and stick to their shopping budget, offer up a warm apple juice serve with a whole cinnamon stick to gently infuse the cup with the scent of Christmas. 


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