5 tasty desserts you can also serve in Ice Cream pots

When the sun comes out, so does everyone’s sweet tooth. Summer is the perfect time of year to update your dessert menu options and come up with some new, fun ideas of how you can help satisfy the sugar cravings of your customers.
If you’re looking to bring your dessert menu to life this summer, here are some tasty dessert ideas that can all be served in your own branded ice cream pots.

1. Strawberries and cream
Strawberries and cream is the ultimate British classic dessert to be served at your food stall. Not only do they always go down a treat, but they’re also very easy (and cheap) to make.
All you need is to cut up some strawberries, put them in your ice cream pot, and finish everything off with lashings of cream.

2. Ice cream sundaes
Ice cream would seem like the obvious choice when it comes to what dessert to put in your ice cream pots, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep things plain and simple.
Creating a DIY ice cream sundae bar could be the perfect way to interest new customers and impress existing customers.
Line up some sauces and a selection of toppings to choose from and your customers can get creative with how they create their sundae.

3. Fruit salad
Fruit salad is another simple option that always goes down well. It’s also a dessert that you can easily prep in advance and keep out for customers to grab and go when they want a quick snack. To create the perfect fruit salad, all you need is a selection of seasonal fruits that are all chopped up and mixed together for a light and refreshing summery treat.

4. Mochi
If you want to offer customers something a little different for dessert, why not try mochi? Mochi is a sweet Japanese dessert that looks like little buns that are filled with tasty ice cream.
They come in a variety of different flavours and can be put together in an ice cream pot with some sauce and nuts over them for a tasty dessert.

5. Cupcakes
Finally, you can never go wrong with a good cupcake. By putting them in your ice cream pots you can avoid there being too much mess if your customers want to take them home.

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