5 occasions that are perfect for creating personalised paper napkins

Personalised paper napkins are a versatile tool that can help everyone from burger chains to large-scale events, stand out from the competition. 

They are a practical, cost-effective and creative way to enhance your brand image, promote special offers and create a personal experience for your customers.

Below are 5 occasions where personalised paper napkins will shine:

1. New Menu Launch

Spark enthusiasm for a menu launch with individualised napkins by highlighting new additions to your menu, promote launch offers or discount codes, or use a branded hashtag to motivate customers to post pictures of the new dishes they are trying from the menu on social media.

Making the promotional activity very personal by way of personalised napkins during the initial phase keeps the new menu items fresh in the minds of customers and helps them refer back to the menu details and special offers while they eat, which will in turn increase the likelihood of them trying the item.

2. Theme Nights and Seasonal Promotions

Spruce up themed nights or seasonal promotions with custom-designed napkins. 

Let the napkin design tie in with the theme by using seasonal colours, graphics and catchphrases. For instance, Halloween-themed designs, or festive colours for Christmas.

You could also use the design as a promotional banner on social media platform pages or to hype social media contests and incentivise entries for giveaways.

3. Franchise Grand Openings or Expansion

Want to celebrate a new franchise opening or brand expansion? There are dozens of ways to customise a moment and a message.

Put the new location address or an illustration of a landmark on the napkin design. Print a warm welcome message to new customers in the area. Or, promote any special offers or discounts available during the opening week.

4. Large-Scale Events and Conferences

Elevate the experience at large-scale events and conferences with branded napkins. 

You can do this by featuring the event logo and hashtag prominently on the napkin design. You could also include logos of event sponsors to create a sense of partnership.

Don’t forget to add some social sharing prompts to get people posting about your event!

5. Customer Appreciation Initiatives

Finally, personalise your appreciation napkins with your customers’ name or order number so they feel the love. It could be as simple as a message like "Thank you for choosing us!", or you could just feature details about your loyalty program to encourage signups.

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