5 marketing hacks to grow your food business this winter

You’ve got a great food business that you know is great, but without a good marketing strategy, it can be hard for you to catch the attention of potential customers.


This winter is a great chance for you to completely transform your marketing strategy to grow your food business and put yourself in a good position to start the new year.


Here are 5 of our favourite marketing hacks to grow your food business this winter.


  • Optimise your Google listing

A lot of people will look for food businesses on Google, so make sure that you have an optimised Google listing to entice potential customers.


As a minimum, you should have your mobile number, website URL and opening times on your listing. If you own a restaurant, you can also add a menu and link to your reservation system.


  • Work on your email marking tactics

Do you collect your customer’s emails for marketing purposes? If you don’t, you definitely should!


Once you have a collection of emails, there are plenty of tactics to use to turn these leads into orders this Winter.


If you know the customer’s birthday, you could send them emails with discounts around this time. Or you could send emails reminding people to buy festive gifts or book their work Christmas meal with your business.


  • Use social media wisely to your advantage

Social media can have a huge impact on your business, all it takes is one viral post and you could have enough orders to last you a year!


Use relevant hashtags, share photos of your aesthetic packaging and keep on top of the current social media trends to make sure you’re getting your business in front of potential customers.


  • Have a menu on your website and online delivery

If you have a killer menu, make sure you’re showing it off to customers this winter by having it clearly displayed on your website.


You should also think about offering online delivery, making it much easier for customers to get their hands on your products.


  • Incentivise customers to leave reviews online

Our final tip is to incentivise customers to leave positive reviews about your business. Getting positive reviews is a must-have for any business that wants to be successful, but you don’t have to wait to get these organically.


Offer a discount or free gift for customers who write positive reviews online, it’s something that benefits everyone!


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