5 different ways to use your branded cutlery

As a business, it’s always important to look for new ways to improve and elevate your brand – even through the most unlikely sources.

Cutlery is one thing that every food business uses, but have you ever thought about all the different ways you can use your branded cutlery to your advantage?

Not only are these items a tool for your customers to eat your delicious food with, but they can also enhance your brand’s image and as an effective marketing tool.

If you want to find out more ways you can use your branded cutlery, keep on reading.

  • To enhance your brand image

  • If you’re just offering your customers standard, boring cutlery you’re really missing a trick. Cutlery doesn’t have to be plain and uninspiring, but you can be creative and use them as a tool to enhance your brand.

    With Pack Genie, you can personalise your own cutlery to include your brand’s logo or any other information/content you’d like to share.

    Branded cutlery looks a lot more aesthetic than the bulk items you can buy online, so it helps to make your brand look more professional, stylish and on-trend to your customers.

  • To improve the dining experience for your customers

  • Anyone can offer their customers cutlery, but if you’re using branded cutlery you can really enhance the dining experience for your customers.

    Creating a good experience for your customers goes further than just offering the basic utensils they need. Your branded items will make them feel like you’ve put a lot more effort into their visit, which will in turn create more brand loyalty. 

  • To offer an eco-friendly alternative

  • A lot of restaurants and cafes will offer plastic cutlery, which isn’t the best for the environment. So, we’d suggest going with our disposable wooden cutlery option which is a much more sustainable solution.

  • For your customers to post on social media

  • Everything can be turned into a social media opportunity, even something as unlikely as your cutlery.

    If your cutlery looks stylish and professional, chances are your customers will probably include them in their posts on social media, which can help introduce hundreds of new customers to your business.

  • To promote new offers, food items etc.

  • Finally, you can use your cutlery to advertise new offers or any new menu items that are coming up – you could even include a secret discount code on your cutlery that customers can use for money off their next visit with you.

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