5 creative themes for your promotional burger boxes to boost sales

The simple burger box has long been a staple of the fast food industry. It’s not just used to house burgers, but various other snacks and takeaway items.

However, for a small business owner, there are so many things that you can do to turn this fast food box into a marketing conversation starter, and, in turn, a sales essential. Here are five creative themes to help inspire your next promotion: 

1. The Playful Punster

Embrace the fun and lighthearted nature of burgers with puns and wordplay:

  • Box Design: Use playful fonts, vibrant colours, and cartoon illustrations.
  • Puns/Catchphrases: Display in print ‘Wrap You Up in Happiness’, ‘Bun-believable Burgers’, or ‘Get Your Patty On!’
  • Integration: Give a shout-out to social media, like ‘Share Your Burger Selfie with #BoxOfHappiness’, so people can compete against each other on social platforms.

2. The Local Hero

Draw attention and customer support to your commitment to the community by showcasing your local sourcing and local businesses. This is how:

Box design: Use muted earth tones, natural textures, and illustrations that highlight your local landscape (landscapes, farm imagery, etc).

‘Rooting Me in Local Sourcing’ Print local sourcing blurbs next to your ingredients. If you have a local farm/produce relationship, showcase a ‘Farm-to-Table’ theme.

3. The Eco-Warrior

Embrace sustainability and environmental consciousness with eco-friendly packaging. Here's how:

Materials: Use recycled cardboard or biodegradable materials; the Pack Genie company has a sustainable packaging programme.

Design: Opt for minimalist designs with simple colours and natural textures.

Sustainability Message: “Compost Me After!” or “Made from Recycled Materials” says it all.

4. The Interactive Game

Transform your burger box into a fun activity with interactive elements. You could do this by adding puzzles or trivia questions that are burger-themed, or a ‘Would You Rather?’ question.

Maybe you could also add in QR codes that link to online competitions with grilled-themed contests, or design limited series of certain boxes for consumer to collect and exhibit online.

5. The Artistic Showcase

Repurpose your box into a living art work. Paint the cartons or hold a design contest with local artists. 

Great artwork stands out and showcases your brand or local community. Find local artists that can create custom designs for your promotions. You could even commission limited-edition boxes from local artists as a way to promote a sense of exclusivity.

Get creative with your burger boxes

With the help of one of these creative themes, you’ll be able to bring your burger boxes to life and turn them into effective marketing materials. 

If you want to bring your ideas to life, browse our selection of burger boxes on our website here: https://www.packgenie.co.uk/collections/custom-burger-boxes

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