5 burger ideas that you can wrap in personalised printed greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper is one of our most versatile and functional items. Perfect for wrapping up hot food or to avoid any mess on a plate, it’s a must-have for any food company.


One of the most common uses for greaseproof paper is for wrapping up delicious burgers. A food truck favourite, burgers are a menu item that always goes down a treat with customers.


But, you don’t have to make them boring! Elevate your burger menu and try 5 of our best burger ideas that you can wrap up in personalised greaseproof paper.


  • Keep it simple


You may want an exciting menu of options, but you can’t ignore the importance of a simple burger offering.


Simple doesn’t mean boring, but it does mean there’s more pressure to make it perfect.


Season your burger patty to perfection, add a slice of cheese and some caramelised onions, and then offer customers a range of sauces for the ultimate burger experience.


  • Vegan burger


More people are going vegetarian and vegan at the moment, so every business should offer meat-free alternatives.


Beyond Burger and Moving Mountains are the most popular vegan meats and give the signature meaty taste – no animals involved.


You can also get your hands on some vegan cheese and mayo for the vegans who want to build the ultimate burger.


  • The all-American


When it comes to big, calorific burgers, Americans know how to do it, so why not embrace their style of cooking by offering an all-American burger on your menu.


Load up your brioche bun with onion rings, lashings of barbecue sauce and some crispy onions for the ultimate American experience.


  • The surf and turf


Mixing seafood and meat can sometimes create the perfect burger, so build up your burger patty with some fried prawns and garlic sauce and you’ll be on to a real winner.


  • An all-day breakfast


Our final idea is an all-day breakfast burger. Featuring sizzling bacon, a runny fried egg and a crunchy hashbrown, this is the perfect midday treat for those who can’t get enough of their favourite breakfast foods.


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Now that you’ve got some great burger ideas, it’s time to get some personalised greaseproof paper to wrap them in.


Add your logo to the designs and get ready to create something completely unique that your customers will love.


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