4 Unique Coffee Drinks That Your Business Should Serve This Year In A Printed Coffee Cup

For all but the caffeine addicts and connoisseurs, coffee usually doesn't get more exciting than the first pumpkin spice latté of the autumn. For you, that means a lack of opportunities for menu items that’ll get curious customers in the door.

But these five unique coffee drinks are a great way to spice up your menu and get people sharing your brand’s printed coffee cup on social media.


You don’t hear about the cortado every day. It sounds unique, but the beauty of it is there’s nothing unusual about it (read on for those…). The cortado is a Spanish coffee that’s essentially an espresso with a little bit of steamed milk.

Just a little bit of steamed milk reduces the acidity of the espresso, which is often too much for everyone but the coffee addicts. It’s a middle-ground between the espresso and the ever-popular flat white, and a great way to coax fans of those into something new.

Fat Americano

The Fat Americano is the perfect promotional piece for a hot summer day. You’ll get people’s attention, and some funny looks, when you explain it’s an iced coffee laced with Coke. But the combination is so popular they sell coffee-flavoured Coke in Australia and Japan.

The Fat Americano is easy to prepare. Just add a cooled-down espresso shot into a cup of ice and flat Coke and you have an off-kilter summer treat that’s surprisingly delicious. (Make sure the Coke is flat, otherwise you’ll get the carbonated crema flavour which turns at-home coffee chemists off this drink forever!)


The Eiskaffee is a German drink similar to the classic gelato affogato but it looks more frothy and fun, almost like an ice cream sundae. It’s just some cold coffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream. Add sprinkles and you’ve got an unusual, fun-looking beverage for children of all ages.

Boba Coffee

Boba or “bubble tea” became very trendy over the last couple of years and looks here to stay. You’ve likely seen the telltale black balls housed in a shop’s printed plastic cups all over social media. But did you know you get boba coffee too?

Like the tea, boba coffee can be served hot or cold, iced, or blended. This makes it a great all-year-round treat that sounds unusual but will be instantly familiar to fans of the well-known boba tea drink.

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