4 tips to make your logo shine

Your logo says a lot about your brand, what you do, and what your values are. It’s more than just a checkbox item that you quickly draw up and forget about – it should be something you put to good use in all areas of your business.

Any good business that has perfected the art of marketing and promoting its brand knows the importance of its logo and will utilize it across a range of assets.

Here’s how you can make your logo shine.

  • Make it a key part of your takeaway items

  • When you’re running a food business, you will have lots of labels and packaging – especially for your takeaway items.

    With paper coffee cups, printed paper bags, printed greaseproof paper and personalised plastic cups, you could just take the easy route and buy all your materials in bulk without any kind of logo or branding on them.

    But this decision would be a big mistake! These items are your chance to get your logo out there, show your customers that you care about presentation, and take the opportunity to spread your logo far and wide.

    By letting your logo shine through your packaging, you can create a very positive brand image, cultivate a strong following of loyal customers, and increase your sales dramatically.

  • Use it across your social media channels

  • Social media has become an essential tool for any business that’s trying to grow, so make sure you’re using your logo as much as possible.

    From setting your profile picture to your logo to using it in all of the graphics you create for your page, social media is the perfect place to let your logo shine.

  • Create signage that stops passers-by

  • Whether you’re running a food truck or a small cafe, attracting passers-by is important if you want to increase the number of customers you’re serving every day.

    Creating signage that is instantly recognisable can increase your foot traffic, so make sure your logo looks creative and aesthetic so you can attract the right customers to your business.

  • Don’t forget about the smallest touches

  • When it comes to letting your logo truly shine, you should also pay attention to the smallest details and turn them into opportunities to get your branding out there.

    For example, customising your food flags, printing your logo on greaseproof paper, or even personalising your cutlery – anything could be a potential branding opportunity.

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