4 tips to make your burger branding stand out from the crowd with our burger clams

Looking for a way to make your burger branding stand out from the crowd? When it comes to marketing your burger business, the packaging is essential in helping customers become aware of your brand. Think of McDonald’s infamous yellow logo and branding on their burger clams. You want to achieve the same connection with your consumers so they know who to turn to when on the hunt for a great burger and exactly what they’ll get each time.

As packaging specialists, we create custom burger boxes that you can use to boost brand awareness and sales. Here are our four top tips for making your burger branding a success.

1. Use all available space

Our burger clams have a large amount of real-estate where you can print an eye-catching slogan or logo on the top of the lid. This is great for drawing attention and is the first part of the packaging your customers will see. This part needs to pop! However, be sure to make use of all the available space and use your branding colours cross the entire box to really boost brand awareness. You could even put your logo on the underside of the lid for your customers to see as they eat.

2. Think functionally

Your burger branding should look exciting and inviting, but it also needs to be functional. Our burger clams are made from premium cardboard to offer great protection and prevent grease escaping, while the secure fastening makes sure the box stays closed. Be sure to put useful information on your packaging, too, such as which burger is inside or any dietary requirements or allergens – your customers will thank you!

3. Go green

Sustainability is now affecting the purchasing habits of many consumers, and many businesses are looking for ways to go greener. By ensuring your packing is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable (which is easily accomplished simply by using our burger clams), you’ll not only have branding that looks the part, but that also appeals to the more environmentally conscious too.

4. Combine with greaseproof paper

When it comes to burger branding, why stop at the box? We offer custom-printed greaseproof paper which pairs perfectly with our burger clams. Having your logo inside the box as your customers eat reinforces your brand while adding a more premium feel to your packaging.

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