4 things your food business can do with a food flag

4 things your food business can do with a food flag    
When talking about branded packaging, custom-printed food flags are often overlooked. However, they offer a quick way for you to boost your brand awareness and easily let customers know a little about the products before purchasing. They’re also extremely cost-effective and great for SMEs who can’t afford to splurge on fancy branded boxes, greaseproof paper, and more.
If you need a little inspiration, here are four things your business can do with a food flag. Why not try them out today?

1. Allergy and dietary markers
You can use food flags to mark allergens or other dietary requirements, such as “gluten-free” or “vegan”. This is a great idea as it lets your customers feel at ease. They know you care about their allergies or dietary requirements and will appreciate you’ve gone the extra mile. It will also mean customers won’t keep asking you the same questions repeatedly, leaving you to focus on other things like building a real rapport with your customers. Besides, in the UK it is a legal requirement to have allergens displayed on all food products.
2. Decorate drinks
Most people assume food flags are exclusively for use in food. But why not get creative and use them in your drinks? Try putting a garnish on the toothpick part of the flag and using them to decorate your cocktails. Alternatively, you could use marshmallows to top hot chocolates and warm drinks. They work just as well as traditional cocktail sticks but can simultaneously reinforce your brand identity and create a more luxurious feel.

3. Single bite appetisers
As well as labelling food items and decorating drinks, branded food flags are highly functional when it comes to eating single bite appetisers. Your customers won’t need to use their hands, which is great for COVID and keeps their fingers clean. In the same way, if you have a food stall and hand out samples to passers-by, branded food flags enable you to do so easily while also emphasising your brand.

4. Promotions
Looking for a neat, professional, and innovative way to highlight promotions to customers? Food flags are great for this too! When food is going out of date, you can use printed flags that say “20% off” or “clearance”, for example. This looks much more professional than tacky stickers stuck haphazardly on items at the end of the day. You could also use food flags to show what items are part of any multi-buy offers you’re got on, or any other promotion for that matter.

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