4 reasons to order custom-branded napkins

When you’re busy running a successful food business, you can often forget about the small details that can make a big difference – like your napkins.

Of course, you can go out and buy plain napkins from a variety of stores online, but these will never have the same impact as having your own custom-branded napkins.

If you want to take your food business’s branding to the next level, here’s why you should consider customising the napkins you give out to customers.

  • Builds brand loyalty

  • You may not think that something as simple as napkins could be a reason why your customers return to your business again and again.

    But this isn’t true! In fact, customers love brands because of the smallest details. 

    By having a strong brand image and aesthetic accessories that come alongside your delicious food, your customers are much more likely to remain interested in your company and order from you every time they’re hungry.

  • Acts as a powerful marketing tool

  • Everyone loves sharing delicious food on their social media, and if one of your branded napkins is included in the shot, it could have prime marketing potential.

    Even if a customer has a hundred followers who all live in your local area, having your logo displayed on their social media could encourage those hundred people to all come and visit your store too.

  • Shows that you’re serious about your business

  • If you put minimal effort into your brand and products, your customers can always tell.

    By getting your own customised napkins, on top of other branded items like greaseproof paper and branded paper cups, your customers will see how straight away how dedicated you are to your business.

    No one wants to buy from someone who doesn’t care, so even the smallest touches can really showcase your brand to customers in its best light.

  • It’s something fun and memorable for your customers

  • The final reason why we think that every food business should invest in their own custom-branded napkins is that it creates something fun and memorable that will keep customers thinking about your company long after they’ve finished eating your food.

    Keep it fun by putting a well-designed logo, witty captions or a fun design on the napkins and we’re sure you’ll start seeing your customer base widen in no time.

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