4 great marketing techniques to use beyond your logo when personalising your paper cups

When you hand over a beverage to a customer, you aren’t just providing them with a refreshing drink.

What many major brands have realised over the years is that packaging offers another opportunity to market to both current and potential customers. There are plenty of ways that you can use your paper cups to help build brand reputation and get across any marketing messages that you feel are relevant, such as new promotions or sustainability achievements.

Here are four great marketing techniques for you to try when ordering your printed paper cups that will help give your profits a boost and improve customer engagement:


  • Shout about your eco-credentials

We offer recyclable and compostable personalised paper cups for both hot and cold drinks, so why not take this chance to show the world that you're committed to helping the environment?

As our printed paper cups literally won’t cost the earth, why not shout about it in your artwork and help engage consumers that are more environmentally aware than ever before?


  • Social media reminders

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of promotion there is. Make sure that you remind your customers to engage with you on their chosen channel as you'll be able to offer them a range of offers, new menu choices and promotions that will keep them coming back for more.


  • Upsell your products

If you want to add to your average order value, then using your printed paper cups to upsell other products that might complement your drinks is never a bad idea.

From a slice of freshly made cake to nibbles and small plates that are ideal for cocktails at outdoor events, use the surface area of your custom printed paper cup to tell the world what else you have to offer to your customers.


  • Discounts and loyalty schemes

One of the best ways to aid customer retention is by setting up a loyalty scheme, so if you’ve gone to all of that effort, then you’ll want the world to know about it!

With free professional artwork available on all of our printed paper cups, use the space not taken up by your branding to let everyone know that you have a loyalty scheme on offer and see just how much more repeat business you receive.


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