4 Exciting New Food Trends That Your Business Can Stick Printed Stickers On

Printed stickers are often used for informational purposes, but you can make them go further for your business by taking advantage of trends where you can. Here are four exciting food trends you can take part in and enhance with just a sticker.

1. Take-out isn’t going away
Restaurants had to adapt to the pandemic with deliveries. Some were adopting delivery apps for the first time, while others took the opportunity to get creative. With remote work here to stay, food industry experts like Leith Steel think that this growth in innovative at-home experiences will continue.

Some restaurants send their food as meal kits, so diners could learn how to prepare something like their usual orders at home. You could also use printed stickers to get QR codes on your box, taking customers to anything from your restaurant’s usual playlist to online guides for your meal kits.

2. Cocktails to go
The at-home trend also reached the drinks industry. Shop Cuvée in London was set up to deliver natural wines and cocktails from bars like Three Sheets, Mr. Lyan, and Empirical Spirits.

The fancier offerings here are premium products that come with great packaging, but the right sticker design can spice up any package you’re delivering. How many pricey bottles of wine have you seen with just a minimal white label?

3. Reducetarianism
Whole Foods in the USA picked “Reducetarianism” as one of their top food trends of 2022. This is the growing audience of people who aren’t vegetarians or vegans but want to reduce their meat consumption because of health or environmental concerns.

With meat replacements like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat hitting fast-food chains and supermarket shelves, plant-based alternatives to the usual staples are going to be on peoples’ minds (and plates) more than ever this year. If you have take-out items in-store, use a sticker to mark out your vegan/vegetarian offerings; bonus points if your customers don’t believe it at first!

4. Sandwiches that fill the screen
You don’t have to cook something very intricate to be Instagrammable. A number of trendy spots have made their name on humongous sandwiches that look mouth-watering on the feed.

These are bound to make it to social media, so make sure you’re getting your name out there with custom printed food flags or stickers on your take-out boxes. Gourmet ingredients aside, these mega sandwiches will save you some time and money on preparation without scrimping on flavour

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