4 different ways you can promote your business with custom rubber stamps

Once only used for stamping invoices to show that the balance had been settled, custom rubber stamps are now regaining popularity with businesses of all shapes and sizes thanks to their usefulness, low cost and practicality.

Handy to have around any office space, many retailers, bars and restaurants are now also using rubber stamps to help promote their offerings and encourage repeat business. They aren’t just for admin! Let’s take a look at a few ways that rubber stamps can be used to get your brand noticed and encourage customers to come back for more.


Loyalty schemes and discounts

Lightweight, easy to use and perfect for restaurant welcome desks or food collection in takeaways, custom rubber stamps are a great way of rewarding customer loyalty.

Loyalty cards are cheap to produce and serve as an excellent way to encourage visitors to return to your business. Having an official custom rubber stamp produced is a good way of ensuring that customers are rewarded each time they make a purchase or place an order to safeguard you against ‘forged’ loyalty. Why not integrate this into your packaging? Use your rubber stamp to print a loyalty card onto your paper cups or pizza boxes to encourage visitors to return.


Edible inks

For something totally different, a custom rubber stamp used with edible ink can become a quirky and cool way of getting your branding right under the noses of your customers in a way that they simply can’t ignore!

Just add your stamp to your burger bun or sandwiches with some edible ink and really make your branding stand out. 


Social media reminders

Another great way that businesses are using rubber stamps to promote themselves is by creating a stamp that encourages customers to connect with them on social media.

Using a simple channel logo and a business name, these stamps can be added to receipts and orders to help gain more followers without the need for an expensive digital marketing strategy. Why stop there? You can also add that same stamp to the exterior of your takeaway containers, pizza boxes and drinks cartons.


Brand your boxes!

If you want to keep packaging costs down yet still make sure that your branding stays front and centre, custom rubber stamps are a fantastic way to get your logo in front of customers quickly and easily. Just apply to your packaging.

With a free design service courtesy of the Pack Genie design team, you can reimagine your logo in stamp form so it can be easily applied to pizza boxes, paper bags and even coffee cups, so it’s a really versatile and cost-effective way of showcasing your brand in seconds.

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