4 design ideas to make sure your printed greaseproof paper gets your message across

Printed greaseproof paper has been around for a while, but what’s really strange is that some businesses are still missing out on a key opportunity to get their messages across with this practical and widely used solution to keeping food fresh and palatable.

If you want to exploit every chance of getting your message across to both eat-in and takeout diners, then here are a few design ideas to make sure that your printed greaseproof paper gets you seen and heard.


Add your company slogan

All of the biggest and best foodie brands have a slogan that has become as recognisable as their logo. The ‘I’m lovin’ it’ slogan is as synonymous with the McDonald’s brand as the golden arches are, so if you want to build on your brand with a slogan of your own, here’s your chance to get it in front of the people who’ve already chosen to engage with your products.


An opportunity to upsell

A great way of boosting your average customer order and improving profits, your greaseproof paper can be used as an unusual vehicle tp showcase a snapshot of your menu. This means that anyone hungry for a side or sweet treat to complement their meal can be tempted to part with a little more of their hard-earned cash.

Simply select a few desserts or sides (be selective as you don’t want your greaseproof paper getting too busy) and have them printed onto the paper. You want your message to stand out and not be dulled by hard-to-read small print so keep in mind how your paper will be wrapped and folded too.


Eco-friendly credentials 

Everyone wants to do their bit to protect the environment, so any measure your business takes to help do exactly that should be shouted from the rooftops!

Our greaseproof paper is created using 100% biodegradable and compostable paper created from pulp making it incredibly eco-friendly. Why not use this opportunity to show your customers that you're doing all that you can to be environmentally conscious?


Don’t forget your socials!

If you want more followers and potential customers, adding your social channel details to your printed greaseproof paper is an easy win. It’s almost certain to result in a bigger social following and hopefully some tags and shares!

Modern diners love sharing what they’ve been up to during the day, so put your socials in front of them and they’ll be able to upload photos of your fantastic food and share their experiences of your brand online with their digital network for some totally free publicity!

If you're interested printing your logo on brand on our eco friendly greaseproof paper the you can see all our paper sizes and print options here

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