4 cheap and effective ways to brand packaging

If you’re looking at ways to get your branding across using product packaging but don’t have a huge budget to spend, we have good news!

Many larger businesses spend a small fortune on their packaging in order to make it more visually appealing to potential customers, but savvy business owners who’d rather invest their money in their products are tapping into new ways to give customers the same great experience without blowing their budget on the bells and whistles packaging.

Here are a few cheap and effective ways to brand your packaging that won’t break the bank.


  • Branded stickers

Whether you provide burgers or beautiful cupcakes, brew a mean cup of coffee or create global streetfood bowls, branded stickers are a great way of getting your logo in front of customers and sealing up your packages perfectly.

Standard sticky tape isn't just unhygienic; it lessens the perceived value of your product too. Choosing branded stickers that are low cost to keep your greaseproof wrapping or tissue paper firmly in place is an excellent way of branding your packages for less. Available on A4sheets or on reels - See our full range of printed stickers here


  • Greaseproof paper

If you’re in the food industry, greaseproof paper is likely a staple item in your kitchen.  Whether you want to keep your offerings safely contained for takeaway menus or to enhance the visual appeal of a meal when served to a table, it’s a hardworking tool that most food businesses find indispensable.

Sheets of greaseproof paper can easily be branded with your company logo or any key messages that you want to convey to your customers for far less than you might expect. Our custom branded greaseproof paper products come with free artwork if required, meaning you can take something that perhaps fades into the background more often than not and put it to work for you as a stylish, professional packaging option that won’t break the bank. Your choice of brown kraft or white eco friendly papers, printed with your personalised design. See our full range of sizes here

  • Rubber stamps

If you want to keep your branding costs super low, custom rubber stamps are a supremely pocket friendly option that can be used in lots of different ways across your business.

A universal tool for keeping your branding in front of your customers, our rubber stamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and can be personalised in any way you choose, making them ideal for stamping anything from paper bags to pizza boxes, invoices to receipts. See our stamp range here


  • Paper bags

If you really want to get your branding noticed, investing in paper bags is the way to go.

Most people won’t ever see the contents of bags as they pass someone by on the street, so having your branding on a recyclable paper bag is a great way to showcase your brand to both current and potential customers.

Better still, our printed paper bags are fully recyclable, so you’ll also be doing your bit to protect our natural environment at the same time as amplifying your business name. Find our printed paper bag range here


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