4 Benefits of Using Custom Printed Takeout Bags

If you’ve been putting off ordering custom printed takeout bags for some time, we’re sure you’ll be ready to actually get the job done after we tell you why this small investment could have a big impact on your bottom line.

It's surprising just how something so simple and easy to order can positively impact a business, so let's discover the business benefits that await you when you receive your first order of our printed takeout bags.


Customers that can carry more, buy more

Imagine going to the supermarket just to find there are no bags and you haven’t bought one from home. You wouldn’t be able to buy very much, would you?

Customers aware that your products come in a takeout bag are far more likely to add a few little extras to their order than they would if they’d have to carry it all to their home or car separately. This means having a custom takeout bag to package up in can really help push up the value of your orders and boost your profits without you having to put in any additional effort at all.


Products arrive in perfect condition

If you’re using delivery services to get your food to the door of your customer, having branded takeout bags to contain the order provides added protection and helps to ensure that your tempting treats arrive in perfect condition.

With bags available in a variety of sizes and using fully recyclable materials, you can get your food from A to B without harming the environment and give a visual reminder of your brand to all who see it.


Keeps your brand in the minds of your customers

If you want to jog the memory of previous customers or draw the attention of potential customers towards your business, branded takeout bags are the way to go.

Created using paper from sustainable sources and food-grade inks, our free design service can help your branding to really stand out and get noticed whenever one of your bags leaves your premises.


Adding value

When branded packaging is used on any product, it adds to the perceived value of that item.

Many customers feel that products wrapped and presented in branded packaging such as our greaseproof paper and branded takeout bags deserve a slightly higher price tag, so it’s a great way of increasing your margin without having to upgrade your ingredients or change your menu in any way.


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