3 uses for branded greaseproof paper you might not have thought of

As the restaurant and hospitality sector continues to struggle in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more businesses are having to get creative and adapt to the ever-changing government guidelines on employee and public safety in order to survive.

Often one of those food industry must-haves that we take for granted, here are a few ways that greaseproof paper can help businesses make changes to their normal service to help keep everyone safe and to keep those operational wheels turning in these uncertain times.


Change to takeaway

Due to rules on social distancing, many hospitality businesses are finding it unprofitable to reopen their restaurants as they are no longer able to service the same number of covers as before.

Many venues have turned to takeaways to keep a steady income stream coming in each month, with most offering a scaled-down version of the menu to local customers.

Greaseproof paper is an excellent choice for takeaway food packaging as it protects the products inside and traps any oils, sauces or grease for easy, clean delivery. It’s also cost-effective and eco-friendly too as it's biodegradable and compostable, making it the environmentally smart choice for businesses that care about the natural environment.

 takeaway packaging- printed greaseroof paper

Cut down on social interaction

For those businesses that have found it financially viable to stay open, cutting down on social interaction between customers and staff is critical to ensuring confident dining out for all involved.

As staff are now legally required to wear facemasks at work, anxiety levels are likely running high.  By putting new working processes in place, you can ensure that your do everything in your power to keep staff happy and healthy at work – even if this means cutting back on the interaction between them and your customers. 

Try wrapping cutlery in our personalised, printed greaseproof paper. Place a plentiful supply on each table so staff are no longer required to run back and forth for knives and forks. Not only is this more time efficient, it also further reduces contact with customers.

 printed greaseproof paper wrapping cutlery

Disposable place settings & menus

Greaseproof paper also makes for great place settings and can be easily disposed of after a single-use. This is an easy way to keep dining areas safe and sanitised for diners.

To take things a stage further, you could even have your menu printed on the placemats so they pull double duty. This means you woudn’t also then need to spend money on printing disposable menus, which is good for your bank balance and the environment.

As our greaseproof paper is completely made of pulp, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable too, helping you to keep your business as green and environmentally friendly as possible. 

 disposable place mats - greaseproof paper - printed

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